Sunday 11 October 2009

Autumn Gardening and New Granny Blanket

This morning we had the coldest temperature of this autumn, only -4 degrees C (25F) long after sunrise. In this picture you can see how low the sun is shining at quarter to ten. I was trying to catch a picture of the aspen leaves falling from the trees when the sun warmed them; there was a strange noise like someone was walking there, but it was only the frozen leaves.

Mr. Kotkarankki planted the bulbs I tried to start planting earlier. I was working at a table doing quality control and choosing only the best 500 bulbs to be planted.

There they are! The rest found a place in our leave composting area; we will see the best of them in spring and the rest are too small or dry to survive.

Because the weather was so lovely I was able to take some pictures of my newest finish. This is the second granny square blanket for the Tanzanian orphanage.

A closer look. The red yarn I used for the connecting rounds has many shades of red.

This is the quilt with lions and giraffes you have seen in progress, now all finished with wavy stitching.

Here is the Finnish Brown Owls' project so far, two quilts, two blankets and six sheets. I'm still working on the elephant quilt and a knitted blanket.


  1. Wow you have been busy! And everything is just so lovely...what a good cause! You are so thoughtful!
    Take care!

  2. How wonderful that your husband planted the bulbs. I do hope the pictures of their colourfulness will end up on your blog next spring. The crocheted blanket is quite striking with the red.

  3. The red granny looks terrific. I don't think I've seen a granny square afghan I've liked better than that one!

  4. I am stunned are you realy going to give this lovely granny square blanket away, wow you are indeed a very kind person Ulla I must say....
    -4 degress are a bit colder than we here in Norway have expirienced, but autumn is here for sure..
    Take care and I wish you a wonderful week.. I have been at our cottage so there not much to tell from my sewingroom ;-)

  5. Have you talked about the "brown owls project" before. What is this?
    The quilts and granny square blankets are lovely..., and a lot of work. I don't do anything like this so I'm always in awe of someone who can.
    Just beautiful; especially the giraffe quilt.

  6. Hello Ulla!
    My, you've been so busy! The quilt and the red afghan rug look wonderful.
    Enjoy the last of the sunshine — our days are getting longer and warmer and the sun higher as we head for summer.

  7. Oh wow you have been so busy Ulla. The red looks superb with the granny squares- so uplifting and warm.

    Your trees are so pretty in their Autumn colours. There was a poem about Aspens. I'll try and find it in a sec. and email it to you.

  8. Hello Ulla
    500 gab viel Arbeit. Aber im Frühling wirst du dafür mit reicher Blüte belohnt werden. Dein Garten gefällt mir auch in diesem speziellen Herbstlicht. Letztes Wochenende hatte ich einen Kurs in freemotion quilting...und jetzt übe ich :-) !! Nach der Stoffsucht hat mich nun auch das Quiltfieber gepackt ;-) !! Wie gut, dass bald Winter kommt und der Garten warten kann!! Ich schaue mir immer gerne deine Werke an. Auch die gehäckelte Decke ist sehr schön. Ich habe noch eine solche die mir meine Schwiegermutter vor vielen Jahren gemacht hat.
    Liebe Grüsse,

  9. It's going to be a beautiful spring at your how with 500 bulbs!!! Each Fall Mr. Creations plants more daffodil bulbs. Warm and cozy blankets for the little ones. Really loving the reds on your grannies.

  10. Fabulous, love the granny square blanket!

  11. You have made some very beautiful and useful things here Ulla. I love the granny square blanket.. so colorful!! And the giraffe one is fabulous.

    Looking forward to you getting back.. but in the meanwhile I'm catching up on your blog. :-)


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