Saturday, 31 October 2009

Catching up

Let's see if I still know how to do this. Feels like I had been away ages, and I missed reading blog posts. I was in Helsinki for 9 days, and coming home means a lot of laundry and cleaning before there is time for fun. It is only 50 km away, half an hour by train, but the sea makes the city warmer in the autum. They still had so many leaves in the trees!

At home it looked more like this in the swan pond. I think I saw "our" swan family in flight this week, at least it was 7 swans together.

The apple trees are all bare.

Earlier I was busy with secret projects, but now I can reveal at least some of them. Stephanie had her 50th birthday this week, and I made her some kitchen towels. For this one I copied the pattern from my vintage butter crock.

During the course in Helsinki I had time for hand sewing in the evenings, and I managed to finish this little candle mat. It is from a kit Candace sent me early this year, along with fly fishing magazines for Mr. Kontarankki. Don't look too closely, it was my first wool applique ever.

Sweet Melanie wanted to equip me for the visit in Helsinki, but her lavender smellies reached me right after I came back. How did she know I used my last firming cherry mask when I prepared for the hot date with Mr. K. on the Book Fair last Sunday? Well, the follow-up part of my course is in April, so I can use the lavender products then.

After I came home I have been busy working on the last orphanage baby quilt. Machine stitching is done, and I hurried to take the photo while the sun was still up. I haven't decided on the binding yet, but I will need this one finished for Monday. That is when I have a chance to deliver my things to the people who will take them to the Women's Day event on Nov. 14th to be taken to Tanzania soon after that.

That is all for today. For the final picture I want to share with you the clear autumn sky of today. I love autumn days like this.


  1. The wool mat is beautiful!!! I love it.
    Am very jealous of all your lavender goodies !!LOL

  2. Very pretty candle mat. Looks to me like a job well done! You have very sweet friends. :o)

    Gorgeous sky.

  3. Welcome back, Ulla! I hope your course was fun - do you mind saying what the course was about? It's nice that you were able to have some hand sewing in the evenings - the candle mat turned out so nicely! Your apple trees are enormous! You must get quite a crop of apples from them!

  4. I did see the lovely things you made for Stephanie! And your little felt table mat is adorable. Are you going to do more of that kind of thing? Reminds me of something Melanie would make. :-)
    Yes.. winter is here. Time to stay inside and make things. But the long nights are not very good for taking pictures.

    LOVE your elephant quilt! The colors are perfect for a baby.

  5. What a great job you did with the candle mat. Aren't they fun for your hands in Winter? Fabulous elephant quilt- love the colours -like Winter sunshine.


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