Sunday 4 October 2009

First Frost

The weather has changed in a week. Last weekend we had afternoon tea/coffee out on the verandah in warm sunshine, and this past week autumn has been showing the less pleasant side. On October 1st was the first frosty morning, and my beautiful impatiens collapsed.

Luckily I had this Erica already waiting to replace the summer flower.

The next morning was even colder, a little below freezing point by the time the sun was rising.

The frosty hey looks very fragile.

It was time to start planting the narcissus bulbs we digged up in summer when the Big Project in the garden started. I only started, because I soon found that this type of garden work is not suitable for me. The ground was too dry and hard, there were far too many bulbs to plant, I had to bend too deep, or kneel down which was too painful... so many excuses. Mr. K promised to do the planting, and I will just pick the biggest bulbs to be planted. There are hundreds of them. The newpaper says you can plant them as long as you can make a hole in the ground to put them in. It will be easier to do before there is much snow, of course.

The leaves in the trees are turning yellow and red now. I love the sight when the sun is shining in the trees

and the little bushes.

My outdoors activity resulted in a little cold, so I have been just sneezing and blowing my nose and resting when I can, hoping this was it. I haven't been sewing much, nothing finished anyway, so no crafty photos this time.


  1. The autumn pictures are beautiful. We had our first frost already this week...a bit early for us. Feel better soon.

  2. I never think of Finland as having "seasons". My image of your country is cold and icy all the time. Of course I know, logically, this can't be..., but seeing these photos shows me that it's a place of change and beauty.
    Good luck with the bulbs.

  3. Oh wow!!! That is SOME frost. We haven't had any yet, though it HAS been down in the 40's at night.

  4. We too had our first cold day yesterday and it's now time again for heating. My garden is not yet ready for winter, but my sewing room full of new fabrics, ready for patchwork and quilt projects. I'm looking forward having more sparetime for this, my new, hobby :-) !
    Greetings to Finland!

  5. I love the picture of the trees and the beautiful colors! We haven't had frost so far, but it has gotten much cooler. Hope you did not get a bad cold. Sending warm thoughts and hugs to you!

  6. What a beautiful Autumn you are having. I love the feeling of frosty grass when you walk on it and it give with a soft crunching sound under your wellies. Early Autumn is definately my fav season.

  7. Gorgeous photos, Ulla! I'm glad Mr. K will plant the bulbs for you! I planted 200 one fall and the next morning all the squirrels in the neighborhood had dug up every one to see if they tasted good - each one had a little nibble out of it!


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