Thursday 8 October 2009

Vintage Thingies 43 - Old Pattern Folders

Welcome to Vintage Thingies Thursday again! You can join the fun at Suzanne's blog, where you also will find all the links to other blogs playing along this week.

Last week I showed you the old handicraft magazines my mother gave me, and today you will see the pattern folders. They are like the one I showed some time ago, each folder containing 10 to 20 patterns for table cloths, towels, wall hangings and cushion covers.

The first one is called Women's handicraft, Folder VII. The patterns are from the first decades of the 20th century.

This is the cover I love most. The birds are great black woodpeckers, handsome birds, popular in the Finnish national romantic style.

The next folder is for whitework, same author as in the top one.

The next two are also by her, handicraft for the home I and II

The flowers in this last folder remind me of many tablecloths we used to have at home. Some were given for our playhouse and they most probably were ruined in our plays when little flower vases spilled on them; and everything was left in the playhouse over winter. We didn't understand then how lovely memories they could bring to us now.

Last week some of my commentors were curious to see the scary doll's face I tried to hide when I showed the magazines. I was wrong, it was not eyebrows but eyelashes that made the scary look. They were using too much volume mascara then, don't you think?

I hope you can sleep after seeing the dolls. Happy VTT!


  1. the design on those pattern folders are just fav are the last two which remind me of vintage tablecloths & linens :)

  2. Those patterns covers could be framed art. The woodpeckers are beautiful.

  3. Very interesting and I don't think I've ever seen anything like them before.

  4. Nice! The woodpeckers kind of look like Charley Harper prints. Very interesting! Thanks.

  5. The pattern covers are very nice. I don't think there is anything like them here.

  6. These are just the covers? It always amazes me how much work went into the details - and how that doesnt happen anymore

    And how sad that is.

  7. LOL! too much mascara indeed! that made me giggle...yes, those are scary dolls!

    your vintage treasures are fabulous, ulla! ☺

  8. There's just something lovely and enticing about a folder, an album, a journal with a ribbon tie to keep safe all the treasures inside. And the covers are simply beautiful.

    I also find your gentle regret at the casual childhood use of things we wish we'd saved to be sweet and charming---don't we all wish for those small things of the past?

    Thank you for dropping in at Lawn Tea!


  9. You have some real treasures in those books and patterns. The pictures all tuned out really well. I am always pleased when I see where you have dropped by.

  10. So pretty...Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  11. Thank you for showing the dolls! They aren't that bad, and in fact they are kind of cute!
    I can't believe that you have such beautiful folders to hold patterns. They are each a little work of art! I can't decide which is my favorite. Either the fourth one, or the last one. Both too pretty to decide!
    Happy VTT!

  12. These pattern books are gorgeous! What beautiful covers. They are works of art themselves.
    Those dolls are not really bad at all. We have had popular dolls here in the U.S. that were much more troubling than these. I thought the "Cabbage Patch" dolls were weird.

  13. I was excited over the patterns, but WOW...amazing covers...this is something I have never seen before.

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful VTT!

  14. Looks like some beautiful patterns. And I agree with you, the woodpeckers are very pretty.

  15. Wow I've never seen these before. I'm just getting around to visiting the VTT blogs. It's always so fun to see what everyone is sharing.


  16. The folders are so beautiful - and still so new looking!
    I think I would have been scared by those dolls, too - the little ones seem pretty happy, though!!

  17. The birds are my favorites too. We have some lovely red headed woodpeckers at our feeder every day.

  18. Beautiful pattern covers-they really could be framed! I love the trailing vine of the first one!

  19. I adore the flower pattern on the "Kodin Kasi Tyot" folder. So beautiful.

  20. I love the folders! I'm guessing you read and understand the language too. (My first visit to your lovely blog.)

    Those dolls are super creepy - yikes!

    Happy VTT!!

  21. Very nice set of booklets, I like the
    artwork on the covers!


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