Tuesday 3 November 2009

Orphanage Project Finished

This is a project I started last summer, and my faithful readers have been following the progres here. I made it my Brown Owls Community project, and it can be used for gaining the Sewing, Knitting and Crochet badges as well. The church will be sending quilts, blankets and sheets for orphanages in Tanzania, and asked members to donate them. I used my granny squares from Pip's challenge A Granny A Day in May to make two blankets of yarn rests. This is the girly one:

And this one in for a boy (or a girl who likes the same colours as I):

I used an Africa themed fabric to make this window quilt, and added green squares from an old pillow case. The border is my mother's old summer skirt, also used in some windows, and the brown jungle pattern was my summer skirt.

I used the giraffes and lions to make my first strip quilt.

Yesterday I finished the binding of this elephant quilt. The pattern is from Miri, and Eileen made a sweet baby quilt with it last summer. I copied her idea of making some of the elephants face each other and one elephant giving a flower to another. If you click the picture, you can see it is the dark grey elephant with the purple one.

My youngest sister gave me some of her sheets (wrong size for the blankets she has, I think), and I made 8 sheets of them for the project.

This was my pile before the last quilt and the blue sheets.

I also planned to knit one blanket, but I ran out of a) time and b) yarn in the right colour, so I just packed my 16 squares in a plastic bag (recycled, it was used for tomatoes first) with a note asking someone else to finish the blanket for me.

Then I packed the whole stack in a big plastic bag (used, of course, and because I had to leave it there) and asked Mr. K to take me to the parish office. This is me going there. Then I was just asked to leave my bag in someone's empty office, and that was it. I hope the little orphans like the quilts. They are all backed with soft flannel, so I think they will feel warm at night.


  1. Those quilts and blankets will keep the little ones more than warm - they are so lovely. The red grannies and the elephants are my favorites. Thank you for loving the orphans.

  2. Oletpa ollut ahkerana. Ihana ajatella niitä pikkulapsukaisia, jotka nämä lahjat saavat. Well done!

  3. Oh wow.. I LOVE how you set those granny squares together. At first I thought I liked the red one best.. and maybe still do, but that one with the earth tones is really gorgeous too. Beautiful work.
    And your elephants.. CUTE! I see in this picture that you did make one of them holding the other one's tail. and the flowers too. :-) Miri was so nice to offer this free pattern.

    Well.. lots of accomplishments shown in this post. You look very spry there walking on your way with the large bag of goodies. :-) Someone is going to LOVE getting those knitted squares to finish. What a good idea!

  4. what great finishes! hooray for you! and so generous...so kind of you to use your talents to help those in need...♥

  5. I can only imagine the smiles and comfort these will bring.

  6. You have worked so hard! They are all lovely but I think the red crochet one is my favourite! I think the orphans will be so thankful for your blankets!

  7. Wow girl!!! Your little needle's been FLYING.

  8. Wonderful! Those kids will be so warm and happy...you'll have warmed their spirits as well as their bodies bringing a big smile to their faces everytime they look at their lovely covers!

    I'm so pleased that you used the elephant pattern to make one of your lovely covers-I love the way your elephants look!

  9. That is so well done Ulla and all for a wonderful cause. You worked so hard making those beautiful things I am sure they will be loved and valued in Tanzania.

    What a shame you had to just leave them in a room. At least you put a note with the knitted one explaining. It would've been nice though to hand them to a real person. Nevermind. I think you were an absolute star to do so much for those who have so little.

  10. How kind of you to devote so much time to these! Happy Thursday, Ulla!

  11. Ulla you are such a nice person...
    I am realy sorry to hear that you where asked to leave these lovely quilts in an empty office. I am quite sure that these lovely quilts will find a great home in Tanzania!!


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