Thursday 12 November 2009

Vintage Thingies 46 - Sewing Notions

The weeks seem to miss a day or two, because Thursday aways comes sooner than I expect. I had no pictures prepared for this week, so I remembered the tatting shuttle I told you about last week.

No luck finding the shuttle in the places I looked for it. I found some other old tools instead:

The little embroidery scissors are made in Germany. My mother gave them to me when I was supposed to read for my final exams and was cross-stitching instead. The thimble is just an old thimble, my size but not my favourite shape. The knife is made by Fiskars in Finland. It has been my mother's, and she gave it to me to be used as a ripper. I love the smooth wooden handle.

The next two pictures are of the same items; I just wanted you to see both sides of the pincushion. My sister Maija gave me that pincushion together with a calender printed on fabric. She lived in Germany already, the year was 1970 or a little later.

The folklore clothes are so special! When we visited DH's sister in Munich earlier this year, I bought a Trachten vest for me. What I really would like to try on is a complete outfit with a wide skirt, white blouse and tight vest.

The scissors here remind me of the numerous times I was shopping for fabrics with my mother for her sewing. The fabric shop ladies always had such curved scissors with rounded points in their pocket, and when they cut the fabric on the big table, I heard that lovely sound. It took me years to understand that the scissors must touch the table to make the sound; and if you only have paper to cut and your scissors are made of plastic, you just are not big enough to make such sounds. What did you love most in fabric shops when you were little?

Suzanne is hosting this week's Vintage Thingies Thursday with memories of her childhood. Go back there and see the list with links to other vintage lovers.


  1. love your embroidery scissors and the darling pincushion..memories of my childhood are that i loved playing with buttons :)))

  2. It's so nice that you have some of the things that your mother used in her creative stitching endeavours. The pincushion is really quite nice.

  3. I always enjoyed looking at all the fabrics. I used to look through all the fabrics in department stores even though I didn't want to buy any. I really miss old-fashioned department stores.

  4. Classic style, those designs! They evoke fun and lightness - the bright colors and Scandanavian stark simple lines.

    Lovely. :)

  5. Lovely pincushion I adore folkart like this. I remembe the sound of scissors on a wooden table, the sound of walking on the wooden floor and seeing all the bolts of fabric (which looked like giants to me) on wooden shelves. The store smelled like wood and it was old even back then. Good VTT.

  6. Some good memories linked with each item...making them VERY special! Thanks for sharing - I always love reading your Vintage Thingies Thursday!

  7. Wonderful stuff,
    thanks for sharing!

  8. Hia Ulla,
    I think the pincushion would make a lovely pattern for applique. I have never seen scissors like that with upturned ends- so practical for pockets.

    Such beautiful and practical tools too.

    As for me and fabric shops, I didn't go in any before it was me having to make something in a needlework class at 11 years old. Me being me I had more ideas than talent to launched straight in with a rock and roll skirt out of 4m of summer blue cotton fabric. :-)

  9. I had so much joy when you told about your sisters first quilt. Yes I hope she will start another quilt. Please say hi to her and say congrats from me..
    I hope you all had a great time togther with your mother..

  10. I really enjoyed seeing all your little treasures for today. The little pillow is my favorite.

  11. beautiful! I love your story. I don't think I've seen scissors with a rounded end like that. How neat they are.

  12. That pincushion is so sweet, and I love old embroidery scissors! My Grandma had pretty ones that looked like a bird.
    My favorite thing at the fabric shop was watching the ladies run the fabric through the machine that was attached to the table, that would measure the fabric, and then the lady would turn a handle that would make that first cut in the fabric. I don't know why, but I was always fascinated by that machine thingy!
    Happy VTT!

  13. Very sweet pincushion. I've never seen scissors with curving rounded ends. My mother used to drag us to fabric shops when we were little. UGH! I always amused myself with the buttons. Perhaps that is the reason I love buttons today.

  14. The pin cushion is just the sweetest....I love the curved scissors too. I remember my mom had a pair similar to these. Great vintage sewing things!! Have a great VTT!

  15. What very sweet sewing things. I cannot ever remember going into a fabric shop when I was a child. Only after I grew up did I enter the wonderful world of fabric :-)


  16. Hi Ulla!

    I love old sewing items! I really like the Fiskar knife. i have never seen one like that before.

    Have a wonderful day!

  17. Very special thing with special memories attached to it. Happy weekend.

    Mine is here My Life’s Photo

  18. what special thing you have here.. especially when it has memories of your love ones! thanks for sharing.. have a good weekend!


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