Friday 27 November 2009

Quilt Patterns Everywhere

On Wednesday I was in Helsinki on my day off. There was a big construction site just next to Stockmann's Christmas window, and I had to take some photos of the wonderful pavement they were laying there. It is a pedestrian zone, and the tiling will cover a 250 m long area. This first part is 50 m long.

Isn't this a perfect (and difficult) quilt pattern?

One more view. The yellow shade is only a reflection on the water, the slabs are in grey and red granite.

 You can read more about the British mathematician Roger Penrose and Penrose tiling here. A less scientific and more fun approach to the subject is here. Helsinki has just been nominated  design capital of the world 2012.

The window reflected everything so badly that my pictures are of no use. Here is a tonttu girl, especially for you, Melanie!

The clock tower of the main railway station is under renovation, but look how nice tarps they use to protect the work:

The sky behind the tower in the tarp picture is blue, even when the weather is all grey.

In Helsinki I went shopping for some fabrics and things I needed, but mainly to have a pedicure. You may remember the custom order by my friend PN, a 6 m long wall hanging for her in exchange for free pedicure. I have almost all the fabrics for it from her, all I need is nice blue fabrics for the sky. I used my big box of coloured pencils for the first time to make a sketch of my ideas.

The drawing is 1 : 10, and I think I will need to make a big sketch on paper before cutting any fabrics. Luckily ther is no rush so I can postpone this project to January.

Finally I read about the results of the Tanzanian orphanage project in the newspaper. They received 177 quilts and blankets, 441 sheets and 24 pillow cases. Most of them have already been delivered to orphanages and hospitals in Tanzania.

This is a busy time, with secret projects, so there are no pictures of my doings in the sewing room. Have a wonderful weekend. It is time to light the first Advent candle on Sunday.


  1. Love seeing your pictures - I am researching my family's roots in Finland - love learning about the tonttu and where Santa REALLY lives!!!!!!!

  2. I agree- the tile would make a perfect quilt! Hop to it and then post some pictures of it! ;o)

  3. Quilt inspirations everywhere! Beautiful tiling. The little tonttu girl is so sweet. What a wonderful outpouring of gifts to the orphanage. I'm really looking forward to seeing the progress on the quilt you're making.

  4. Yes is not nice to find Quilt everywhere. I love the way the granit slabs are put together.
    And you are starting a new project , it looks very interesting and I am looking forward to follow it..
    I hope you are back home safe after your trip to Helsinki. I have been in Finland but I would love to some day. When I was young I worked at Husfliden and we had some wonderful handmade pieces in wood and woven tabelrunners from Finland..
    I wish you a lovely weekend..

  5. Hia Ulla, I finally managed to visit you today. :-) Oh the tonttu girl is so sweet thank you for taking her photo. The pavement is amazing -the stone colours are so beautiful.

    I like your design for your friend- lots of colour. On big things I use wallpaper -lining paper which isn't printed on and very cheap. It is also sturdy enough for templates. I am looking forward to seeing your design in fabric. :-)

  6. Looks like you had a nice outing...loved the tiling, tower and the generous news about the quilts, etc. for Tanzania!


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