Sunday, 22 November 2009

Christmas Shop opened again

On Saturday was the opening of my sewing club's Christmas Shop in Villa Cooper. Gingerbread and hot glögi was served, and the house seemed to be full of customers.  I tried to take some pictures, but it was difficult in the crowded house. I will need to go there on a more quiet day. Here you have some views:

Notice the special candle on the table! Everything here is made by members of the club, and for sale.

Table runners, and pottery.

The true Santa's helpers look something like this, and they are called tonttu (tomte if they speak Swedish). You can keep your elves in their green tights. The true Santa Claus lives in Korvatunturi in Finland, and his office is on the Polar Circle. (The North Pole is just ICE on water, if you don't mind me telling you.)

When they grow older, like 250 years or so, their beards are long already. They don't usually want to be seen.

Christmas is the most important time for candle burning, and these candles are especially festive. The blue and white ones are for Independence Day, December 6th. They are the colours of the Finnish flag.

More pictures will follow after my next visit to the shop.


  1. Ulla,
    Thank you so much for sharing...can't wait to see the rest!! Beautiful Christmas ornamnets!! Paulette

  2. It's so interesting to see and read about other countries and their traditions. I love the little Santas, the candles and the beautiful table setting.
    My Mom's father was Danish but he died very young and didn't share any of the traditions. Mom did love all things Scandinavian.
    Can't wait to see more

  3. Every time I google-earthed the North Pole it showed water, now I know where Santa can be found. Those candles are amazing.

  4. Åå it looks so nice and the tabel is so beeautiful.. Thank you for sharing and I would love to be there too...

  5. If they don't mind me saying so...Santa's helpers are a bit sweet. :o) I am glad you set us straight about Santa's actual hometown. I hope sales are good. Lots of lovely crafts.

  6. I always enjoy "visiting" your sewing club too! All these wonderful things to admire!

  7. I think I could live at Villa Cooper! What a wonderful place love the tonttu as you know. :-)

    So much talent in your area.

  8. Oh how I wish I could visit this shop, it makes me yearn for Sweden. Hope you are well, Karen

  9. I love the story of your tonttu elves, and I love the way you tell their story!!


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