Friday 21 May 2010

Advertising, Ann and Andy, and Amazon mail

You may have seen this sign on some of your favourite blogs, but I wanted to do some advertising as well. The Quilt Shoppe is organizing a Spring Fever Bingo for everyone to join. You have a couple of days to make it, as it starts on Monday and you must email your "coupon" before that. I have never been in a bingo, so I thought this will be my last chance!

Ann and Andy were playing again. Parents should be careful with what they tell their kids from their own childhood. We are having a new fireplace installed next week, and Mr. K made a concrete foundation for it. I remembered how my big sisters and brothers jumped in the wet concrete when our house was being built. I was too young to join them, I couldn't climb over the edge of that big wooden container. All I remember from the incident is a) mother was giving her LOOKS, b) father was not too pleased, and c) all their legs got scratched, red and infected, and mother had to put Medidryl cream on them, lots of it. I told this aloud, and of course the little ones have the biggest ears, and here  is what happened:

They were sitting on the cement bags to wait for the fun to begin.

They even tried how deep they could sink in the bucket.

Andy was curious and wanted  to watch Mr. K. mix the concrete in a wheelbarrow.

And finally he really was trying to climb into the bucket, but his arm was stuck (luckily!), and I sent him in.

He even dared to mutter something about his aunts and uncles, but I can give the LOOK as well, and he stopped muttering. Good for him.

Today I picked up a BIG LETTER from the post office. I usually call them parcels, but of course a box is big for a letter and can't be delivered to the mailbox. Melanie sent me a surprise. We have been reading Swallows and Amazons books by Arthur Ransome since Christmas, and the books inspired Melanie to put together all this for me:

Her letter was all in semaphore ABC, and it took me some time to decipher it. The Swallows and Amazons communicate fluently using the signs in all books. The  Frank Cooper's Original Oxford Marmalade appears in the book I'm currently reading, The Ovaltine and the Kendal chocolate bar are standard provisions of our heroes. Christmas pudding was bought and served by some younger heroes and members of the Coot Club, who protected birds on their lake - see the bird panel Melanie sewed on the tea towel! Some "parrot" (budgie) feathers were included for Mr. K.'s fly-tying. No birds were harmed. Thank you so much, Melanie! Playing with you has made me decades younger. We don't need to grow up just yet.


  1. "The look" is definitely necessary with boys like Andy or my Lumpy.

  2. Ooo exciting stuff concrete. You just want to make a foot print or 2 in it. :-)Good idea to send Andy in- the stuff can burn being so alkaline.

    Glad you smiled too at us being extra Coot Club members. You'll have to supply your own metholated spirits for the Christmas pudding though. ...alternatively as you are over 18 brandy is more traditional.

    Have fun!

  3. Ann and Andy are on the move again, I can see... Lovely.
    How nice of melanie to send you this lovely gift!
    Now we have summer and it is so nice . I hope it lasts forever ;-))
    We realy need this weather.
    We might take a trip to our cabin tonight, i just need to get my husband back from Toronto. He is expected back tonight, right now he is in Munchen.
    Take care and enjoy the weather..

  4. Anne and Andy are rascals- truly, you'll just have to keep a very sharp eye on them over the next while as Mr K. is working. I wouldn't trust them an INCH!

    And what a really LOVELY thing for Melanie to do for you! A lovely idea and such fun too!!

  5. Hej där
    Vet du jag var på museet där Ann och Andy har sin hemvist i USA. Det var häftigt att få hela berättelsen berättad där. Men din berättelse var också mycket trevlig. Ha det gott.

  6. Oh my - I wish Ann and Andy could have been here when our new driveway was poured - what fun they would have had! Those two are quite the pair - I so enjoyed the picnic they had recently! What fun you're having with Melanie, too! I agree - staying young is the key to happiness, Ulla!


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