Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Polka Dots and Problems

After an amazing warm period with a touch of summer the weather up here has returned to normal, below 15 C (60 F), rain and chilly winds. I have been suffering from ear ache for a couple of weeks, and yesterday had my ear drum pierced to drain the liquid and help me hear again. There was no infection, so let's just hope it will get better now. To make the day's program perfect I also had an appointment with my orthodontist, so my teeth are really sore today. Does this sound like I'm begging for symphaty, or what? I had ice cream today in town - mainly because I couldn't imagine biting anything - so I have had my pampering taken care of already.

This morning I put the binding on this little quilt I have been free motion quilting with more or less success. Let's just say that I used lots and lots of thread no longer visible in the quilt, and I still feel like I need to unpick some of the squarest loops.

I have been using Candace's method for the binding ends for some time already, but somehow I often manage to have a problem. This happened after I had just read Candace's nice and easy tutorial. First I joined the ends with a twist,  and then sewed the diagonal seam from the wrong corner. Third time was a lucky guess and the binding waits now for some TV hours for hand sewing.

The apple trees are starting to bloom in our garden. I hope the weather will be a little warmer so the bees can fly and we will get apples in the Autumn. I only have 7 jars of apple sauce left in the cellar.


  1. Oh poor you with the ears and the teeth- you really punished yourself today! I hope by tomorrow you are much better. The red and white is very pretty and alas! some days the sewing is much harder work than others. Today it seemed I couldn't sew a straight seam and did so much unpicking...Here the farmers are predicting a big apple harvest as the trees like a hard winter. We'll see.

  2. Sounds like you deserve a little pampering. Love the red/white combination. That's exactly how I do my binding.

  3. Hope you are feeling much better, Ulla! Happy sewing!

  4. Hope you are feeling better. I posted a tutorial with the same method of ending the binding on my site. You might take a look at the photos I put up and see if they help keep you on track.

  5. Well done with the twirly quilting. I am so bad at it.

    Your apple tree looks gorgeous. I hope your warmer spell continues now. We had a hot weekend but are back to normal again.

  6. Believe it or not, I still manage to twist the binding the wrong way from time to time! I always have to laugh at myself when I do! Now I take great care to pin it in place along the seam line so I don't have to pick it out and start again - lol! I love your red and white quilt, Ulla - so cheery! And the apple tree looks as though it produces quite the bounty!


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