Monday 3 May 2010

Stash use report for April

The month of April has gone without much work done with the sewing machine. I have not been lazy, just busy with stitches on the needles and embroidery instead of using fabric from my stash. This linen bag is all I used fabrics for:

It took 1 m of linen for the bag and 1 m cotton for the lining, totalling 2 m. The good news is that I didn't buy any fabric in April. From the beginning of the year my stash statistics look more impressive: 41.8 m used, 10.6 m bought.

I had some business at the local hospital a couple of weeks ago, and I finally took three preemie quilts to the Children's Ward. I had finished them some years ago but for some reason never took them there earlier. I only had pictures of the two pretty ones:

This one was made during the Sew, Mama, Sew! Quilting Month in 2008.

The other one is hand pieced and tied. The third one was my attempt on disappearing ninepatch, a nice pattern but the fabrics could have been more carefully chosen. Anyway, the nurse at the ward was very happy to have them. All my children are born at this hospital, and both sons were preemies. At that time there was no children's ward.

Spring is here, the days are long already. The sun rises just after 5 in the morning and sets around 9.30 in the evening. Every day is about five minutes longer, it makes more than half an hour every week. Yesterday I took a picture of the last snow:

This is where it had been pushed all winter to clear the driveway. This morning there was only a handful left. Soon Mr. Kotkarankki will have to continue his project there.


  1. Very pretty bag. Sweet quilts. It's a good feeling knowing helpless little ones will snuggle in your quilts. You are one of the most generous bloggers I know.

  2. Great bag Ulla. Lovely subtle colours.

    Sweet quilts too. I think knitting is time consuming because you are creating the fabric not just sewing the side seam. :-) The hats have been for such a good cause.

    Ooo nearly no snow! Brilliant!

  3. Great quilts and cute bag-I really like the big button.

    I would love so many hours of daylight!

  4. Cute quilts... the colors are so cheerful... perfect for little kids. I like the soothing colors of your bag... so pretty!

  5. That's a pretty bag! I'm amzed by the amount of fabric you have used, it is incredible! I also enjoy making preemie quilts, it is for such a good cause.

  6. Deine Tasche, wie auch die Frühchenquilts gefallen mir sehr, vorallem das Muster des zweiten Quilts! Du bist fleissig im Abarbeiten deiner Stoffvorräte, Kompliment! Ich habe meinen noch nie gemessen, aber gemäss Augenmass wird er (im Moment) einfach nicht kleiner ;-) ! Jetzt wo der letzte Schnee euren Garten verlässt, kann nun auch der bunte Frühling bei euch Einzug halten. Hier regnet es seit Tagen, dafür "explodiert" das Grün. So schön, wenn die Bäume wieder ihre Blätter haben!
    Liebe Grüsse,

  7. Lovely bag, Ulla - I like the long, adjustable straps for carrying! Your baby quilts are wonderful - and so much work hand piecing - there are some very fortunate little ones out there with your treasures!
    Great post about the pheasants! We like to make stories about our backyard friends as well! We recently saw a new bird - a non-breeding bunting!
    I'm so glad to hear that Spring has finally arrived in Finland - it must be so nice to have the extra daylight!

  8. Its a very useful looking bag, and the quilts are lovely! The tumbling blocks I really admire you for as I tried that pattern some years ago and found it very frustrating! I hope Mr K enjoys continuing with your new seating area! It must be difficult for you to have you gardening broken by such very long winters?


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