Saturday, 15 May 2010

Raggedy Ann and Andy had a picnic

Hi everyone, this is Ann and Andy. We want to tell you about our lovely day out yesterday. The Summer came to Finland suddenly, without much warning the temperature went up more than 10 degrees to 27 C (80F).  That is about from cool to hot. The trees burst into leaves and the first daffodils opened in the new place. We wanted to have a picnic!

Mom said the ground is still too cold, but luckily we had the granny blanket to sit on, and some hot tea and gingerbread. After tea Ann wanted to get some tan on her face, arms and legs, so she lay down while I went for a little excursion in the nature.

I climbed a little rowan tree to see the neighbourhood better.

This was the hill we used for our playing in the snow last winter. I'm about half way up.

There was an empty tree climber's house, and Dad said I could be a tree climber too (but only with my head up!) and check it out. You see there are two entrances, the light comes through just a little so you can see there are two of them.

I walked a little in the woods and found some pretty white flowers. I picked only five, because Mom has said you can't pick all the flowers away, if you want to see some next year as well.


Then I brought the flowers to Ann. She had been sleeping, and she was happy to have flowers  from me. Those were the first ones she ever had. Mom said they were called anemones.

We talked about our friends Dot and Martha who went abroad in March. It would have been lovely to have a picnic like this with them. Maybe their new Moms read this and show the girls our pictures and tell them we miss them. Then it was time for us to go back in. Our Mom had been working on a new quilt. She is almost desperate trying to reduce her fabric stash. Well, we think she just ought to sew more!

Just as we were going in the house, we saw the big Mr. Pheasant dancing for his lady like this:

He sure looked big, and we were glad they were not very close to us. He can make such scary noises, too. Well, this is all from us this time. Take care of your kids and give them gingerbread.

Ann and Andy
(Mom typed this for us)


  1. Lovely story about Ann and Andy and you make them so alive Ulla...
    I especially loved the part where Andy is giving Ann flowers, I guess I have a big romantic heart. Thank you for taking me along. We had a wonderful day here yesterday too but not as warm as yours.
    My mother is here for our national day on monday and I trying to do some gardening, cutting roses and so. Take care and have more fun!!

  2. Ulla you need to write some childrens stories, your very talented in that department as well as quilting! Hugs, Marie

  3. Sweet story about Ann and Andy! The new quilt looks beautiful - love the red and white squares.

  4. I hope you two little friends see this wonderful story...they will be thrilled! Your new quilt is going to be lovely!! Can't wait for the BIG reveal!!

  5. Lovely story!!! My Anne's and Andy are yearning to have a picnic too, I am sure. I will have to dig them out!!!

  6. How sweet of Andy to bring Ann a little bouquet of flowers. Happy you could enjoy some warm weather. I love the sneak peek of the red and white project.

  7. How lovely that you have some warmth at last. Anne and Andy seem to be making the most of it outside.

    Lovely bouquet.

    Well done with the red and white quilt. I'm having a lattle to find a backing myself.

    I am sure the pheasant will impress many hens.

  8. Ann and Andy finally seems to be getting to enjoy the warm weather and lovely outdoors. I enjoyed reading about their very sweet day out. Mr. Pheasant does look very big :)
    The red polka dots are looking so delicious!!


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