Sunday 12 September 2010

Autumn energy

The hot summer days are over, comfortable cool weather is here to stay and active life begins after the lazy summer idleness. We bought a new composter and started filling it with kitchen waste and chipped garden waste.

The colours in the nature have started changing to yellow.

Apples are falling from our bigger tree and waiting to be cooked into sauce. 22 jars are already in the cellar, plus 5 plastic containers in the freezer. Today I cooked two new lots, 22 jars.

Autumn in the living room, the last new panel of Melanie's Christmas present cushion for every season:

We finally started having a fire in our new fireplace. Next week it will be our only means of heating for two days when we will have geothermal heating installed. On Friday they already drilled a 170 m deep hole in the rock in our yard.

The change of colours inspired me to finally make something with the sun dyed fabrics I have had in storage for a long time.  Making that link I noticed I had shown these prints almost exactly a year ago, and two years ago! It really must be the change I see outdoors, and the beginning of my sewing class. This year I actually cut up the fabric and started a project!

This is what I did in class on Thursday:


For the heating system change we needed to clear a route from the boiler room through our hobby room so the men can carry the old system out and bring in the new one. This meant naturally towers of my cardboard and plastic boxes reaching up to the ceiling. Is there any hope for me? While rummaging in the basement with Mr. K I came across these nice wooden boxes with partition walls. I arranged things from my sewing table - the upstairs one, where there is possible to sit and sew - in this one:

In the second box I arranged my bias bindings. Yes, they are all mine, and the three big rolls are in a separate box. You see, my main suppliers, big sister P and Mother, both have emptied their stash for me to use. Now I feel I need to find a way to use 20 cm long bits of bias binding in the most peculiar colours. Maybe some more tissue holders? Christmas is coming by the end of the year, anyway.

Have a creative week, everyone!


  1. I do love the look of those sun printed fabrics. Is that a quilt? If so, the grey certainly shows them off nicely.

  2. Wow!! I love those should show them to us again at the beginning of summer to remind us to make some for ourselves!! :o) LOVE your stash storage idea!

  3. Hi Ulla ..
    I am not quite sure that want the fall to come just yet, but hei I do not have a choice right!
    Wow you keep your stash very neet, mine are i boxes and even more boxes.
    Do you have a plan for the beautiful fabric??

  4. I remember the leaf print post. That is such beautiful fabric. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you're making. Applesauce is wonderful year round but especaily tasty in winter. I save my binding ends and one day I hope to attach them together to bind a scrappy quilt.

  5. I love to brose your posts, they are always so beautiful and Autumn is one of my favorites. I can't wait for the temperatures to change here and, it has been very warm in fact just plain hot. I scaned back and wanted to say how much I enjoyed the monograms and also your quilt and the silverware storages you made. Have a beautiful day. HUgs, Marie


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