Thursday 2 September 2010

VTT 18 - Monograms

Two weeks ago in my VTT post I showed you a collection of marking thread , because there was some talk about it in Miri's VTT post. Today you  will see some of my linens with monograms stitched with these threads. Suzanne is hosting VTT here.


Here are my kitchen towels with different monograms. Actually, the one in the top left corner is for my face, it just happened to be with these other towels. The next towels I made by hand because I didn't have a sewing machine at the time, and used red marking thread and chain stitches. We had the towel fabric as a wedding gift. The ones in the bottom row are from my grandmother and from my mother.

Grandmother's towel is used for glasses, because the fabric is lint-free and thus perfect for drying up glasses. Cross stitches in red marking thread.

Here is a pillowcase with her initials, white marking thread on white linen. The pillowcase has two pairs of tape at the open end, tied together to keep the pillow in place. When I was very little, I sometimes was allowed to curl the tapes with a pair of pliers by turning a wing nut at the end of one of the grooved cylinders in them.

Different monogram on a face towel from Grandmother.

Striped linen towels, good as new, made by my mother before she was married to my father. I believe she has never used any of these  kitchen towels, and neither have I. They feel stiff and don't dry very well, just because they have not been used and washed. Red cross stitches in red marking thread again.

These were my initials when I was a schoolgirl and made one towel like this at school. My mother bought some more of the same fabric so I could make the first half a dozen towels for my "hope chest". I only have four of them, two have been used threadbare. Cross stitches in embroidery floss this time.

When I was leaving home to live on my own, my mother made me 12 of these towels and marked them in light blue marking thread.

When I was engaged to Mr. K, mother made the rest of my hope chest linens: pillowcases and bed sheet with lace crocheted by my late grandmother at a time when I was just about 10 years old. She crocheted lace inserts for all 6 of us, for half a dozen sheets. Here are my old initials for the last time.

These are my favourite towels, only used about once a year just to kep them from yellowing:

Great Auntie Saima's monogram in red and white marking thread. This was before she was married, so it must have been in the 1930's or earlier.

Grandmother's big dinner tablecloth of linen damask, big monogram in red and white.


Finally the oldest monogram, my great-grandmother Amanda's little tray topper.


I hope you enjoyed the peek in my linen closet (with some re-runs from earlier VTT posts). Other kinds of vintage thingies you will find on the list of links at Suzanne's blog here.


  1. You have the best linen closet ever. Today every just goes to a big box store and buys a gift. Those handmade gifts and so special. I think a hope chest is a thing of the past. I have my mother's hope chest. One of my treasures.

  2. What treasures! I like that you had a hope chest. I have started making bits for daughter for next year at uni and putting things aside so there wont be a mad rush. I love how practical things were made special and beautiful with love in your family.

    Done apples now onto the pears.

  3. Those are beautiful treasures. Family keepsakes that mean a lot.

  4. These linens and kitchen towels are absolute beautiful! I loved seeing the monograms done in the marking think these are kitchen towels to be used for such a mundane task as drying dishes! With towels like these-who would mind being in the kitchen at the sink!

    I just love your Great Grandmothers table topper with the flowers sprays as well as the initials and the wonderful finish! Beautiful!

  5. You do have a great collection of old linen. I have enjoyed looking at them, thanks for showing us.

  6. How wonderful to have such a lovely linen collection! They are tresures!

  7. Dein schöner Post versetzt mich gerade wieder zurück in meine Kindheit. Da haben wir auch mit Kreuzstichen Monogramme gestickt. Alle Küchentücher und Bettwäsche die meine Eltern in die Ehe mitbrachten waren noch mit Monogrammen versehen. Ich habe bloss noch auf meinen Servietten diese Initialen und erfreue mich deshalb an den geerbten Wäschestücken meiner Vorfahren. Wir haben noch von unserer Urgrossmutter Leinentücher gefunden :-) !!
    Liebe Wochenendsgrüsse

  8. How lovely and special to have all these vintage keepsakes from your family members! A true treasure! Happy VTT!

  9. These linens have such an amazing history and they are beautiful!

  10. So many great memories Ulla and I guess not many do this any more. I remeber trying this at school ;-))
    Maybe this is something this new time is laking. Time to do things slow and neet..
    Take care Ulla..


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