Thursday 23 September 2010

Autumn is a busy season

It seems that I don't get to blog posting as often as I would like to. It is the time of the year! I have been busy picking the apples:

and steaming them

and winding them through my faithful almost vintage (1980's) Moulinex:

to make apple sauce:

There are 61 not very small jars in the cellar, and I think I will make two more lots to make it last until next autum. This is why there have been no new finishes to show on the crafty front.

On Monday I was waiting for the train and suddenly heard the trumpets from above. Cranes are migrating to Africa for the winter.

The swans are still staying here, growing strength and feathers. This year the couple had four cygnets, but one of them died in August. The Whooper Swan family is staying in the ponds in the middle of the village, and the young ones are learning takeoff and landing:

All summer flowers are composted now, and the heather has replaced them. The concrete tiles are Mr. K's this summer's project.

This area, where the geothermal heating pipes come to the house, will wait over winter before the tiles cover it.

My rainy week was cheered up by Melanie's mail with all kinds of great things. Thank you, sweet friend!

She had knitted red pirate caps for the Amazons, Unicef dolls still waiting to be born. They will join Melanie's  Dorothea and Dick when the time is right. The Haggis Broth tin and the Wright's traditional tar soap as well as the strong Mints in a cute tin are all related to our two-member book club reading the Swallows and Amazons series by Arthur Ransome. The chocolate bars go with the theme as well; Susan often gave everyone rations of chocolate. The Lynette Anderson bag is from Melanie's trip to the Birmingham quilt show, where she actually met Lynette Anderson! Melanie also included a big piece of fusible pellon for my future stitcheries, as she knew I can't get it locally. The leopard print fleece is meant for a future Unicef doll with African origin. Melanie is obviously encouraging me to reach the limit of 100 dolls now that the 50 dolls are adopted! The toadstool coaster is for me because we both like funghi. These are poisonous:

but these are delicious. Mr. K has walked in the forest and brought home buckets full of nice mushrooms, and I have made warm sandwiches and sauces with them, and many portions are in the freezer for future use.

Next post should show some sewing again. I'm having class tonight again and hope to finish the sun print table runner. There are other projects on the way as well, but nothing to show so far. And finally some good news for the friends of Eileen: I have been e-mailing with her, and now that she has all wedding business happily behind her, she is working on a quilt and taking pictures. A couple of more pushes and she'll start posting on Eileen's Attic again.


  1. I have poked Eileen too LOL with the last project from the Portugal fabrics she gave me one birthday. :-)

    Glad the bits arrived safely. An odd assortment even for me. :-)

    I heard my 1st pink footed geese fly over but not seen them. I think they were early. At the peak of the season the sky is full and noisy.

    My apples became apple crumbles for the freezer. Your apple sauce sounds good too- versatile.

    Mmm my mouth waters at the thought of fresh mushrooms on newly baked bread. Love Autumn even though it is busy.

  2. Wonderful post, miss my mother making her applesause too. Lovely gifts and your such a busy gal. have a beautiful weekend. Hugs, Marie

  3. Ulla, your apple sauce looks delicious!! And sandwiches with wild mushrooms sounds so good... Yum!
    The presents from your friend are very sweet! Thank you for encouraging Eileen to start blogging again. I love her blog and have been missing reading it. So happy to know that she'll be sharing her projects soon :)
    Happy Autumn!

  4. I am so happy to hear that Eileen is all well and happy!!
    Your appelsause looks yummi Ulla, hmm.. Melanie is sweet again I can see ;-))
    I so sorry to leave summer and fall behind us;-(
    I realy hope winther will be nice to us this year ?


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