Saturday 4 September 2010

Stash use report for August, and secret projects revealed

Yesterday we were at my niece's wedding. They were married in a beautiful old church, and the wedding reception was well organized, the food was excellent and naturally the bride and groom were beautiful and everyone was happy.

Finally I can reveal two secret projects I have been working on. The first one was finished already in July, a holder for the vintage table silver my mother gave them as a wedding present.

Here are the knives and forks in the big roll, and the spoons and cake forks in the small one.

My August project was a lap size quilt for the young couple. I used 13 fabric napkins my big sister P brought me when she was helping me to organize my stash. They were not counted as "bought fabrics", naturally, because I was just helping her to clear her cupboards. I loved the napkins and wanted to use them for a quilt some day. Look, they are just bursting with my favourite cheerful browns and greens.

Sewing the blocks caused be some grey hair, because I had just barely the necessary amount of the green fabric (my old skirt). Naturally I managed to sew 10 blocks with the green square in the wrong corners. Because the fabric is striped, I could not use the ripped-off triangles again. To save fabric, I cut the new triangles  from bigger squares with no waste bits. Guess how many I cut along the wrong diagonal? Just two, but I only needed to use one triangle in the wrong way.

The green and brown strips make a trellis for the flower print. The size of the squares was calculated so that I could make 4 big squares or 16 small ones from one napkin. This is when I made the quilt sandwich with safety pins.

Machine stitched around the floral print.

Finished quilt.

The finest label I have ever made. The border is made of the leftover border strips of the napkins, and the appliquéd heart is of this quilt's border fabric.

Every bit was from my stash, well, I bought the lining last month for this project, but everything else has been there just lying and waiting to be used.

In August I only bought one scrap bag of Marimekko fabrics, strips from 8 cm to 45 cm, total amount 1.75 m. All I finished this month was the quilt, 4.9 m of fabrics. A very positive month for stash use this time!


  1. What beautiful gifts! Those will be cherished, I am sure.

  2. OMG!! What a gorgeous quilt!! And made from napkins!! Stunning!! The lucky bride and groom must have been thrilled...and the colours will go in any decor!! You are SEW clever!!

  3. Well done Ulla the cutlery rolls are stylish as well as practical and will protect the vintage cutlery for years and years. Lovely idea.

    The quilt! Wow and well done! Isn't it grear when you can just about get an idea to work with the bits you have! It looks fantastic as well as the label looking good. Love the way you have quilted it too.

  4. This is a lovely trellis quilt! What beautiful napkins to start with-great idea to use them in a trellis! A beautiful quilt for the newlyweds!

  5. Wow what a wonderful quilt you have made Ulla and you are so good the block and the quilting!
    The young Couple are very lucky..
    Take care Ulla.

  6. Wonderful gifts, Ulla. The quilt is beautiful and what a lovely memory! What can I say about my stash?...I've just bought some more fabrics...

  7. A wedding quilt this couple will treasure forever. It's truly beautiful.

  8. Ich bin ganz hin und weg! Dieser supertolle Quilt! Mir gefällt das Muster und der Stoff. Ein dickes Kompliment an dich! Hattest du für das Muster eine Vorlage? So etwas würde ich auch gerne machen. Die Hüllen für das Silberbesteck sind ebenfalls wunderschön! Ich habe mein Besteck "leider" nur in gekauften Hüllen....damals nähte ich noch nicht. Aber das hat mir die Idee gegeben für meine Tochter welche zu machen, damit sie das geerbte Besteck von meiner Mutter versorgen kann.
    Herzliche Grüsse in den Norden!

  9. The gifts are not only gorgeous but also very useful and given from the heart. Beautiful quilt.


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