Tuesday 9 April 2013

A new project and some new houses

Mr. K has been building new houses again, for our little friends. If you click the picture, you can count four in the trees. One came to replace an old one the squirrels had used, and one of the old bird houses was damaged when we had to cut down some birches.
The morning after the six new houses were put in the trees and four other ones spring cleaned - did you know the birds make their own spring cleaning too? - I saw house hunters at four new houses. Here is a blue tit, he chased some great tits away as he was showing this place to his sweetheart.

This is a birch where we never had a birdhouse before, but it was obviously a good place, because there were many young couples interested to see the house. "A modern, compact house in a respected area", I think. An old birch would possibly have natural holes tits use for their nests. The titmouse went in and spent a long time checking the workmanship. I hope there will be happy families in all the birdhouses so we can enjoy watching birds during the non-feeding season too.

My new  project suitably begins with a birdhouse stitchery:

The first row for Kaaren's Happy Scrappy Spring ROM (Row of the Month) is almost done. Tonight I will stitch a juicy big carrot and add that block to the end of the row.

I'm using all kinds of scraps from my stash, recycling plaid shirts and whatever happens to please my eye. The light outdoors is strangely blue in the last picture, where my row is on the snow. Yes, still plenty of that on the ground, and we had some new snow on Sunday and Monday, to brighten up the world. - This quilt should be finished in the Autumn so I think I can find a suitable category for it in the Craft Olympics Sylvia is hosting this year.


  1. Lovely Ulla! I like how you are using up scraps to make something very beautiful. Ooooo Mr K's branching out into real estate! :-) (Pun intended.) I hope you have 100% occupancy. Here I've seen pigeons with twigs and magpies flying in duos. Spring IS coming!

  2. I spot the two small birdies:-) How nice!
    Great to make a row of blocks; good luck with your Olympic Crafts, you did well last year!

  3. Appropriate housing in a good neighborhood can be hard to find. I know the birds appreciate your offerings. I know your row along will be cozy and warm. I love it when you use fabric from your stash, especially shirts.

  4. I would say Mr. K's birdhouses are affordable and well built! Perhaps he has found a new calling in life! How quickly you've finished Kaaren's first row! I think your fabric choices are wonderful, Ulla!


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