Saturday, 20 April 2013

Little holiday away from the snow

Last weekend Mr. K and I visited the 8th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing at the Event Forum Fürstenfeld near Munich, like last year (but it was the 7th, naturally). Mr. K's sister lives quite near this place, so we had a chance to stay with her, visit the fair, and see Munich. DH is a fly fisherman, and I'm a keen fan. The casting demonstrations at the outdoor pool were the most interesting part. Again, Antti Guttorm from Finland was showing his skills and emphasising the importance of the left hand.
A man from the North Lapland, he was not afraid of getting his feet wet in the cold weather.
I have about 50 more pictures of the casting demos and the fly rods, but I believe you prefer the strawberry panna cotta we had with coffee on the exhibition grounds.
This is the church of the old monastery of Fürstenfeldbruck. The buildings have served as hospital, accommodation for school children, police training school etc.

Spring was late in Germany as well as it is in Finland. Pulmonaria is one of the early wild flowers.

I have never seen such dark blue violas at home.

Travel report will continue in my next blog post and I take you to Munich for a walk.

After the trip I finished the carrot on the last block for my first row of Happy Scrappy Spring by Kaaren of the Painted Quilt.

Here is the row finished except for some applique that I will do later.



  1. Mr. K is probably quite happy to have an interested party to attend with him. :o) I just love old buildings and European cities have such a long and rich history. I'm excited about seeing more photos. Love the stripes in your flying geese. Shirts?

  2. Sounds like you and Mr K are had a wonderful time, Ulla! Did the man in the pool disassemble his rod while casting? We have a fellow here who demonstrates that! It looks as though the weather was wonderful! Your first row of Kaaren's block is adorable!

  3. Very nice photos, I love your new quilt.


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