Tuesday 23 April 2013

Munich, a touch of Spring and a happy end

After the weekend in small towns and at the fly fishing event, on Monday morning we took the train to Munich. The weather was warming up and the sky was blue. Here is the Cathedral, Frauenkirche, built in 1468-1488.
We were walking in the city centre, Marienplatz, originally a market place. I zoomed my camera to look at  one of the many gargoyles on the New Town Hall building. New is a relative word, it was built between 1867 and 1907.
Here is a picture of the building, and you can see how many people have taken their coats off as the day was getting warm.

The Glockenspiel was playing, life size figures of people and horses. You can read about the plays in the link.

We were not just tourists looking at attractions we had seen already, but we were on a mission: I needed some red (304) DMC embroidery floss. We looked for it in the big department stores, some of which actually had a fabric and hobby department. But all they had was Anchor floss, and no conversion chart like this link I later got from Melanie: http://www.willowfabrics.com/shadeconverter.shtm. We looked into shopping arcades in hope to find a quilt shop, embroidery shop, anything. No luck. Such a big, big, city, and they don't have a quilt shop where one could find it and have some fun, and they don't even sell red floss. And that was almost all I really wanted!
Then we walked past the Fishing and Hunting Museum, another familiar place we already visited twice.  

This time I didn't dare go in, the exhibition was about life with Wolpertinger! You can see how awful they can look. (Yes, they are all different.) They may have a hare's body with antlers, feet like a waterbird and maybe even wings.

I have learnt at the museum that they specialised in eating "North German soft sculls", and one can't be sure how well they know their geography. Finland is even more in the North than North Germany! You can imagine how I was scared when I saw this creature through my kitchen window just after arrival:

Brown and white hair falling out, and the ears look a little like antlers when you are scared, don't you think? Originally the Wolpertinger were made in the 19th century by taxidermists from parts of actual animals, as a joke to fool tourists in restaurants and inns.
After coming back home I went to Hyvinkää just 15 minutes away by car, and bought the floss I needed. For those who should need Anchor floss, the nice lady at the shop had colour charts and conversion tables both ways! I packed my new floss in my new kit Melanie made for my birthday, and it was packed full with a matching project bag, scissors, ribbons, pins and needles.
Pincushion, needles book and scissor holder.

All holders with stitched names.

Some of the books she brought - I have read one and I'm reading two at the moment. The most gorgeous mug for my tea. I feel all girly!

Now I'm prepared for the next row of Kaaren's Happy Scrappy Spring next week. Happy End!
The snowdrops were in bloom when we came home, and now most of the snow is gone too.


  1. My son loves gargoyles. They are as strange as the taxidermist creation!! Even though you couldn't find your red floss I think you probably enjoyed the hunt.

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your vacation. Love that you have snow drops - so do I!

  3. Ooo I would love to explore the many historic buildings in Munich. Thanks for sharing. I had to laugh at the hare looking so much like the exhibition poster. Glad you found the thread in the end. Happy sewing! Glad the kit is useful.

  4. Munich looks like such a grand city with all the massive buildings and scary gargoyles! I would have stayed away from the Wolpertinger exhibit, too ;>) Poor bunny looks like he has had a very hard winter! So glad you found your floss and you're all ready for some quality stitching and reading!


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