Saturday 27 April 2013

New quilt in process

Finally I feel like making quilts again. When I pulled fabrics for the Happy Scrappy Spring quilt, I decided to use the same fabrics for another scrappy quilt I have been wanting to sew. It is Lori Holt's Bee in My Bonnet Row Along that started last August, but the free tutorials are still available on her blog. I have finished the two first rows.

For a long time already, I have cut the leftover bits of my fabrics into 2½" to 1" squares, the biggest size I can, and tossed them all in a jar next to my cutting table. I was lucky: I needed 44 - 1½" squares in white for the butterfly blocks, and that was exactly how many I had in my jar.

The 4-patch blocks of the first row were cleverly sewn from 3" squares and cut twice after they were joined together.
The Spring is really coming here too. You can see our snow is almost gone, but we need warmer temperatures and some rain before there will be any new green to see.

The blackbird has started to sing, early in the morning and late in the evening is the best time to listen. We had a couple staying over winter, but they don't sing then.

I have seen cranes flying over the village on their way from the South, and Mr. K saw some swans already. The ponds are all still under ice, but seagulls have arrived to wait for open waters.


  1. You have started two very nice quilts, both this and the Happy scrappy spring.
    Spring has come a bit longer here than with you and we have had a lovely day today. Still snowing in Lofoten, though.

  2. I love this quilt, Ulla! I've seen so many cute versions of it in blogland. Yours will be unique and wonderful! How nice that the snow is melting. Soon there might even be little blackbird babies to watch!

  3. Ula the trip looked like fun except for the red floss.
    The new quilt looks great. I'm still using up my scraps also.
    Our swan has had a signet but we havn't spotted it yet.

  4. I think your scrappy quilt will be fantastic. It looks very promising so far :)

    Spring has finally come here and the first early trees are turning green. Still a bit behind were we normally are but spring is catching up quickly now.

  5. I've watched many sew this row by row and each is unique. I'm looking forward to watching your quilt grow. I awake in the mornings to birds singing. Some sing sweetly and some not. Enjoy your new projects.

  6. Ooo I hadn't seen this. There are a few pics here

    A lovely and unusual quilt.

    Good to see that Spring is coming for you. Blackbirds have a fabulous repertoire of songs.

  7. Liebe Ulla, ich bin gespannt wie dein angefangener Quilt mit den vielen kleinen Stoffrestchen dann aussieht. Er wird sicher schön. Nun ist auch bei euch der Frühling da. Bei uns scheint es fast wieder umgekehrt zu sein. Wir haben viel Regen und Temperaturen nicht über 10°. Aber wir hatten auch schon zwei, drei Tage mit sommerlichen Gefühlen (24°C). Im April ist bei mir nichts in der Nähecke passiert. Gartenarbeit war angesagt! Aber jetzt habe ich auch wieder Lust auf Stoff und Faden :-) !!
    Liebe Grüsse in deine Richtung,


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