Friday, 16 August 2013

A new finish

 The Row-Along quilt of The Bee in My Bonnet is now officially finished with machine quilting and scrappy bindings. There was an almost sunny moment between rain showers yesterday so I tried how my rattan chair would feel on the new terrace. You can see the yellow leaves on the floor - the Autumn is trying to come already!

I stitched wavy lines between the blocks and free shapes on and around the pictures on this quilt.

Our summer apples are ripe, but there will be no apple sauce cooking this year.

My basket will remain empty!

I'm almost pleased with my stitching ideas, as the flowers look like flowers and the leaves and apples look like leaves and apples on the reverse.

The photo makes the borders look all blurry, but they are of a very pretty red and white checkered fabric and the corners are mitred.
I'm glad to have completed a project, and now I can concentrate on the two other quilts I'm working on, and maybe start a knitting as a TV project.


  1. Wow, that really came out good. I particularly like the apple row and how you quilted it all.

  2. Love your Bee in a Bonnet quilt.......

  3. Love the apples and basket too. You do very lovely work. I am working a military quilt for my son and it has taken me longer than usual to get with it.Will post it when finished. Have a beautiful day my friend. hugs, marie

  4. It's lovely, Ulla. I like the mugs best. Looks like a cupboard welcoming you to a cup of coffee. Love that you put some handles the opposite way. Cute. And your quilting ideas are fun.

  5. The quilt looks wonderful on Mr K's new deck. So nice of him to make you an area for basting and photographing your quilts Ha Ha.

    The quilting idea is one to remember.

  6. I love your new quilt too Ulla. Love the apples and the way you have incorporated all the little things we see every day.

  7. Love everything about this quilt...and your quilting really makes it sing!

  8. You have made a fantastic quilt Ulla !! Wow ...
    And I am most impressed of how you have quilted it yourself ;-) So beautiful..

  9. So beautiful, Ulla. And great photos with your new terrace in the background :)

  10. It's just adorable, Ulla! Perfect for fall or any time of the year! Now all you need is an outdoor heater so you can display quilts on the deck all year (wink)!

  11. I think it's found the perfect place -- the deck/patio. Autumn stitching and reading and knitting while covered in the cozy quilt. I'm quite impressed with your quilting. I think the red check for the border is a really sweet finishing touch.

  12. A beautiful finish, Ulla! I like the way you quilted it and the photo with the real apple is lovely, too!

  13. Just wonderful quilt!

    Maybe someday I have time for this too.

  14. Auch hier zeigst du wieder einen ganz fantastischen Quilt mit so abwechslungsreichen schönen Blocks, liebe Ulla. Daran hast du sicher sehr lange gearbeitet. Hoffentlich kannst du ihn selbst behalten!
    Liebe Grüsse, Barbara


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