Friday 30 August 2013

Happy Scrappiness

My top is finished! At least I think so. I left out 15 leaping bunnies on the sashings and some small wool appliques from around the quilt.
I was surprised how fun and easy it was to applique the wool fabric on the blocks. I have done a fair amount of applique by hand using cotton fabrics and a heat and bond material, and especially when there are many layers, getting the needle through was difficult. This worked like a dream!

All the fabrics in this quilt are from my stash except for the dark brown squares of the sashings. Most fabrics are also recycled, plaid and other shirts from the family and the almost last bits of my grandmother's grey and pink floral summer dress. The stitcheries are on quilting fabrics in cream and white. I had only some suitable wool scraps at home and so I  bought the wool felt I needed from Raspberry Rabbits, not only because their name was so suitable for this quilt but also because they delivered something to me earlier and I was very pleased with it.
Kaaren of The Painted Quilt who designed this quilt, has had an operation and is recovering from it in hospital. Maybe you would like to pop in at her blog and wish her well?

There was some rain in the morning but in the afternoon the clouds were gone and I could have a photo shoot outdoors.  But who is there on the lawn?

I zoom my camera like a paparazzi and reveal the secret: Mr. K getting a finishing touch for tomorrow's Finnish Championships, of course.
Can you see the bumble bee in this flower? The air is full of humming and buzzing, and this bee had yellow pollen all over its furry back. Bees and wasps and all other insects are having a feast with the flowers and fallen apples and last raspberries.

Have a very nice weekend!


  1. You really seem to be working on your finishes. Did you do the baby quilt yet?
    It's nice that Mr. K has lots of room to practice. This way he won't hook something he's not supposed to.

  2. How lovely you're using fabrics that MEAN something to you. It gives it an extra sense of history n meaning. It beautiful... Ulla, you're a fantastic quilter.

  3. Ups... Sorry for the spelling. My spell checker was set to Danish.

  4. Your happy scrappy is wonderful, Ulla! I love that you used old shirtings and other pieces from your family! Working with wool applique over cotton is so easy on your hands, too! I think your new deck has turned into a wonderful spot for a great photo shoot! Mr. K is sure to win - what a wonderful loop he casts!

  5. Best of luck to Mr. K with the championship! Your quilt is truly so warm and cozy. I love the plaids and I agree with Candace, your new deck is a lovely place to take your photos. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  6. What a lovely fun quilt Ulla. You have been busy and I'm sure it will be well-loved as your days turn colder while we are finally into Spring tomorrow.
    Hugs, Jan Mac

  7. What a beautiful quilt you have finished Ulla.

  8. Love you new quilt!
    You are so on a roll Ulla..
    Making a new quilt faster than I can think.
    Sweet picture of Mister K...

  9. Your quilt is so nice, and the use of old fabrics is really what quilts used to be. Good luck to your husband in the competition.

  10. Great and cheerful quilt Ulla, I have never done anything with wool, might try one day though. Good luck for your DH in the fishing comp.:-)

  11. The quilt is just lovely, Ulla, and I too love the thrifty scrappyness of your fabrics!


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