Thursday, 8 August 2013

This and that ..

...which means I haven't finished anything to show you but wanted to let you know I'm still here. Mr. K has finished something:
This is our new pergola/patio/terrace - I'll be happy to hear what it should be called. Our new outdoors coffee place with no roof, half walls on three sides, and a trellis for future parthenocissus or other creepers. Last Saturday we celebrated the opening of this space with most of our sisters and brothers and all our children, and their spouses. The weather was hot and sunny, and this was definitely the place to get the most sun and warmth. It was very nice to be gathered "just because".
My Summer flowers enjoy this warmer than usual weather. Six weeks ago they looked like this. The begonias (pink, on both sides of the Blacke-Eyed Susanna) are hiding under the other flowers now.

And while you looked at that post with the flower box you saw the quilt in process. It was finished a while ago, but last week I finally made the label and this week I took the Peek-a-Boo Street quilt to the nursing home where Mr. K's father lived his last years. The staff was surprised and happy to get the quilt, comfortable size for someone sitting in a wheelchair.

I promised to make other quilts for them in the future. I think it makes more sense than sending them to the other side of the world. I just didn't know this need excisted so close to home. A perfect address for quilts I want to make but have no space for!
The other day we heard a humming sound and saw something very black flying in the living room. It couldn't be a bumble bee! It was like a heavily loaded cargo aeroplane compared to a passenger plane. It bumped into the window and left a black mark, and I think it fainted and died. I swept under the sofa and found this:

A mini chimney sweeper! It was indeed a bumble bee that had come down the chimney and past the dampers, and it was covered in soot and therefore could not fly properly.
Knitted graffiti revisited:
My piece has stretched and it has been moved to the other end of the rail, and now I can touch it every time I come from the train and cross the street right here.
Other pieces have also moved a little, but no real damage seems to be done. I even comeared these with my old photos and I think nothing has been removed - or added after I added mine.

So, what is the newest red and white  building in our yard?


  1. Well I would call it a patio terrace. :o) It's truly wonderful and the open space lets in breezes and yet you have privacy as well. I would sip tea and crochet on your new patio terrace. :o) It's heartwarming to know that Peek A Boo Street is in a new and loving home.

  2. An outdoor entertaining space which has no roof and is any distance off the ground is a DECK here in Australia. Whatever you call it Mr K did a wonderful job.
    Peek A Boo Street has a wonderful home. One of my quilts went off to a local nursing home this week as well.
    Beautiful flowers.

  3. Ohh what a wonderful job you husband has done !! Very impressive ...
    Lovely picture of the your new house quilt :-)

  4. Deck, verandah, outdoor living room (new concept here.) Our deck is in the back, off the kitchen and our verandah is in the front. It looks like a lovely area to entertain in (or to do some sewing in.)

  5. Here we would call that a deck. Congrats on that finish. Sounds like you will enjoy it a lot. Good for bird watching, too.

  6. Love Mr K's deck and so happy that you have found somewhere locally who will love your beautiful quilt donations.

  7. Bravo Mr. K! What a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors! Your black eyed susan vine is blooming much better than mine has this year. Peek A Boo Street turned out to be so adorable and I'm sure anyone who uses it at the nursing home will have a big smile on their face! Poor bumblebee. I hope he didn't leave a family behind ;>) Do you have a new red and white bird house?

  8. Your husband did a very good job, what a lovely place to have a cup of tea, do some handiwork and enjoy yourself! Your Peek A Boo turned out beautiful, it will be treasured.

  9. Ich habe so viel nachzulesen und zu bewundern bei dir! Toll was Mr. K. geleistet hat! Kompliment! Nun habt ihr eine wunderschöne Terrasse, auf der es sich gut nähen und stricken lässt....nebst Kaffeetrinken und sich erholen. Dein Quilt ist sehr, sehr schön und ich kann mir die Freude darüber im Heim gut vorstellen.
    Liebe Grüsse, Barbara


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