Friday, 26 July 2013

Two new rows for the Spring quilt

Finally I could join the blocks for the June row of my Happy Scrappy Spring quilt with the big stitcheries:

and the July row was really easy after that effort:

 I'm waiting for the wool I bought for the applique before I join the rows together. There will be so many bunnies, and flowers and carrots too. It will be easier to add them to the separate rows.

Yesterday I met this little fellow fast asleep in the shadow of my geranium pot. In the evening he or she was running around our yard, first looking at my work and then on the lawn wondering about Mr. K's casting exercises.

The hedgehog's legs are quite long when he walks on a hard surface. This is in our yard. Today he was loitering in the street, very dangerous for a little hedgehog.

I was having a space problem with layering of the Bee in My Bonnet quilt in the house, because it is a big one. Then Mr. K. built me a nice new floor just perfect for this.
Just kidding, this will be our outdoors coffee place when it is finished. I just borrowed it for the sandwiching. There I was, on my hands and knees, with hundreds of safety pins on the quilt top for more than an hour for every passer-by to see. I never knew how many dog-walkers and joggers go past our house on a beautiful summer evening. I was surprised nobody asked me what I was worshipping there, because they must be tired of asking Mr. K. funny questions about his "fishing on the lawn".


  1. You two are quite a pair! - fishing and quilting on the lawn.

    We have eccentric neighbors here, too. A very nice lady is painting a mural of wild animals on the alley side of her house. She also planted palm trees all over in her gardens. We, the normal ones, grow roses... and feed the crows. (Who really are the normal ones?)

  2. You two sound like quite the pair for the neighbours. The Spring quilt is coming along nicely. I only use the floor to lay out blocks and luckily I have a spare bedroom to do that in.

  3. So there is Mr. and Mrs. K doing strange things in the front yard, again. Perhaps the passersby now expect to see something unusual at your house. :o) That's a huge quilt to baste. Wish I could have helped. I hope your knees are OK.

  4. Oh such happy memories of summer evenings . I must admit the front yard was too small for casting practice so the backyard was used. The quilt looks great and layering anything that big is a job and a half. Well done.

  5. I love how all your little stitchery creatures live in a plaid garden, Ulla! What an adorable hedge hog. I hope there is a Mr. or a Mrs. as well! I can just imagine you both out pin basting and casting in the yard! That is something you might see the two of us doing!

  6. I nearly giggled coffee through my nose at the thought of your neighbours sadly shaking their heads about that K couple not being the same since Mr K retired. I bet you are the talk of the village. Chortle! Lovely work. I hope your wool arrives soon.


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