Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tour de Fibre 20 - more stitching

Yesterday's post reminded me of the Scandinavian Christmas quilt I was stitching last year as a part of the Tour de Fibre 2012. I took out another Lynette Anderson project, Scandinavian Snowball Fun, that I was going to stitch together with Melanie last Autumn. Life (and the opposite) happened, and I couldn't get my project started. Melanie has finished ages ago but said she will keep her project secret until I'm ready.
So I have built a cosy nest on the sofa, where I'm surrounded by the pattern sheets, three snowball blocks to stitch, and my floss and thimbles and needles.

I had prepared the blocks months ago but for some reason - again - didn't proceed. I know I have too little dark red floss, so I have stitched on all the blocks with other colours and keep on doing so until on Monday I can buy that missing floss. There is still so much to stitch here! The long  Eurosport broadcasts from the Tour de France in the Alps have been just perfect for this project. Yesterday the Finnish reporters told about a lady who was supposedly knitting on her 4th sweater during the Tour, and they found the idea quite hilarious. They immediately imagined a family wearing a yellow, green, white and dotty sweater. How little do they know! In addition to our Tour de Fibre I have seen a Tour de Fleece for spinners - and they were not having a spinning group at a gym, but making yarn - and there must be other more or less loosely formed groups, who all combine the great cycling event with things to do with their hands while watching. Three weeks of intensive work on old and new projects mean good results! A stitchery in the hand also prevents me from eating all the time quite efficiently.

In the garden the hosta is in bloom. We planted 5 plants of 4 different species of hosta some three years ago, and it looks like we have to give them a little more space and replant some of them in a new place.


  1. I do like hostas but mine need to be divided too. It's just that they are so compact and hard to dig into.
    Sometimes there are projects that need time before we are ready for them. They need to sit and wait.

  2. What wonderful progress you've made on your Tour projects, Ulla! I'm excited to see the finished Peek A Boo Street. If the newscasters only knew how many great projects are made during viewing hours! Perhaps they should do a whole show on it! Your hostas are gorgeous. We divide ours right down the middle and plant the divisions elsewhere in spring. If we didn't we would have giant hostas taking over the house!

  3. Always something to stitch while sitting and watching. The stitcheries are pretty.

  4. Very nice stitcheries. I have one hosta and it was quite small when I left. The weather has been very nice in southern Norway, wonder how big it is now.

  5. I remember thinking last year that that stitchery is going to be stunning. It has got to the point that I can not sit still unless I have work in my hands- usually I have loads of things on hand but I also have a 'TV sweater' going at all times!!
    Your hostas are very happy- how lovely. There is something very lush and tropical about the appearance of hostas- or perhaps I just think that because I have never managed to successfully grow them!

  6. I think human interested stories would be fun -- Tour de Fleece and those shoe knit/craft while watching the tour! I love the peeks of your stitchery. It'll be fun to see it all finished. Mr. Creations just divided many of our hostas and gifted them to the older couple behind us. He even planted them too -- like a fairy. The neighbor was very surprised and thrilled to see them in his bare spot in his yard.

  7. Great progress Ulla. I hope you managed to get the red floss. I can't just sit in front of the TV with empty hands. "The devil makes work for idle hands" so I am sure to have something in mine. There's no telling what would happen otherwise! LOL


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