Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Tour de Fibre 4 - in our own style

Mr. K and I have our own ways of making the most of the Tour de France. I'm participating in Hanne's and May Britt's Tour de Fibre for the second time, making fibre projects while watching the Tour on TV but also at other times when machine sewing is needed. Today's project is another block of Kaaren's Happy Scrappy Spring.

Mr. K concentrates totally on watching when the TV is on, but before it is TV time, he takes is own bike and put on his hot cycling pants and the bright shirt, a helmet and the cycling shoes and goes for a ride, maybe 25 km or so.

I'm glad we live in a rather flat part of the country. The Tour's mountains are frightening, both up and downhill.


  1. I know how much work you must get done watching the tour - makes me think I should watch more of the Tour! Yay for Mr. K! Not only does he watch intently, he participates in the "Finnish Tour" as well!

  2. Keep Fit is the thing! Nice reading about your way of TdF. As I did not join this year, I watch now and then, meanwhile my DH eagerly watches it all from the couch. Happy Stitching, Ulla :))

  3. I have found I can't really just sit and watch TV any more. I need busy hands. I haven't watched the Tour in a few years but yes, frightening terrain. Mr. K wins his own race, right?


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