Tuesday 16 July 2013

TdF 13 to 16 - slow progress on Peek-a-Boo Street

The past few days have been busy with a secret project so I'm showing you other pictures. My old rattan basket flower table could not bear the weight of rain but fell through the frame. It was only supported by the pleated rim, and when soaked in the rain it was easily bent. I must soak it again and put it under some weight upside down on a flat surface. The geraniums will get another pot.
We have had two anniversaries over the weekend, and celebrated the beginning of our story with a wild raspberry cheesecake. Dear Mr. K went to the forest to see how the bilberries are and whether there are any chanterelles yet. Bilberries were not yet ready, chanterelles were not to be seen, but he found lots and lots of perfect, worm free wild raspberries. Delicious!
I have machine quilted the Peek-a-Boo Street quilt and made the binding. I just need to iron it and sew it on, and I will have a perfect TV project for tomorrow's Tour de France.


  1. You are keeping busy if you finished one quilt and are working on a secret project.

  2. Peek-a-Boo Street is looking like so much fun. Good project for the Tour. Happy watching.

  3. I'll just bet wild raspberries taste delicious, especially if they're in a cheesecake. The market raspberries here have been just awful this year -- squishy. I like sewing bindings during TV time. I have two quilts waiting on me.

  4. I love your peek a boo quilt..
    I must admit that I have this quilt on my mind too..


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