Friday, 5 July 2013

TdF 5 and 6, a little this and that

Have some wild strawberries! The taste and sweetness of a big strawberry squeezed in this size, smaller than a fingertip, and add some sunshine and childhood memories, and a delicious scent. Mr. K picked these for me this morning before he went fishing with DS1.

I have almost finished another one of June's stitcheries for Happy Scrappy Spring, and worked on the corner blocks for Peek-a-Boo Street.

The babies of Pied Flycatchers came out yesterday. I noticed this one through the kitchen window, on the ground, testing his wings and his lungs. "Mama, I'm hungry! Where are you?", he was chirping. And then louder: "Mama, Papa, can't you see I'm starving? I can open my peak even bigger so you can see where to bring the food!". And finally, in a small voice: "Have you forgotten about me already? Mama, bring me at least some foooood!"

And then the Mama came, gave him a mosquito or two, and said: "Look, little fellow, I have others to feed too, but it is time you all start learning how to find your own food and use your wings. Everything is fine, I'm here now. Look here, there is an ant, they are easy to catch. Let me show you!"


  1. Lovely, nature and fabric!

  2. I would love to pick some wild strawberries, they would be very special. I have just planted out a punnet of strawberry plants amongst the flowers (hoping the birds won't see them) :)
    Love the little basket stitchery. What a great project - the Happy Scrappy Spring quilt! (just had a quick visit to check it out :)
    How cute is the baby flycatcher? The babies are always so demanding! :) The poor parents must be so worn out from looking after those babies.

  3. I love the fruits of Summer. I can only imagine the sweet taste and scent of wild berries. Baby bird definitely got more than Momma's attention.

  4. You would make such a wonderful mama bird. My little grandson Luc loves to pick and eat berries. He is a messy picker and eater though, and so he usually just wears just his birthday suit.

  5. How wonderful of Mr. K to pick you wild strawberries! I love finding them on a hike - it's a pleasant little refresher! The Tour makes for some great sewing time for you, Ulla! Soon you will need a new project ;>)

  6. Sweete young bird ;-)
    Yes we need some stitching to do ! I am of tracking the woods in a wonderful summer weather..


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