Sunday, 7 July 2013

TdF 7 and 8, stitching in all kinds of weather

Yesterday we had "local showers":

It was raining for about 15 minutes, so hard that the ground couldn't take up the water, and the gravel area of our yard looked like this.

I was happily stitching the big central panel of the Happy Scrappy Spring quilt and watching the cyclists in the mountains. Luckily they had a sunny day.

The thunder last night wiped our sky clean and we are having a hot day again. Not a cloud in sight.

I couldn't resist showing you one last bird baby picture:
This was the last baby flycatcher to come out of the nest. They only stay in sight for a few hours on the lawn before they disappear to the safety of the woods to learn the skills needed to cope on their own. Click the image so you can see the fierce look in this one's eyes, and the wide baby peak.


  1. Good thing you didn't have to go outdoors. I wonder if the Tour ever gets cancelled or delayed for a day due to weather. Adorable baby bird.

  2. My goodness, that rain sounds more like what we get in the tropics! Love your stitchery project and your other photos as well :-)

  3. Good thing the torrential rain didn't last too long. The stitching is looking good. Enjoy the tour.

  4. Amazing how you caught the rain shower on the photo.
    It is always nice to watch your bird photos and all the nice things you make.

  5. Love the photo of the baby bird. We had record breaking amounts o rain yesterday. Lots of flooding. All is fine today though - except for the clean-up of a lot of wet basements.

  6. That's quite a shower, but when the sun comes back out everyone revels in it including the baby bird! Your yard is so peaceful and beautiful, Ulla!


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