Friday, 19 July 2013

TdF 17 to 19 - Stitching

The binding of Peek-a-Boo Street is finished, but I'll show you the quilt when it has been ironed and the finishing touches have been added.

I have played with the June row of Happy Scrappy Spring and pieced some blocks for it. I need some new fabric to get the row finished.

Once again it happened to me that I cut the stitchery block too small to begin with. This time it was just half an inch too narrow, so I will adjust it by making the sashing wider here. I will add the applique later. The first little bunny will get a kite, and there will be lots of leaping bunnies, carrots and hearts over the blocks.

Today's weather has been rainy, but here you have some sunny day flowers.


  1. You seem to be enjoying the projects that you have chosen to work on and have overcome some minor obstacles. Fabric is so forgiving and it adds interest when one creatively fixes "problems."

  2. The plaid shirts make your blocks so cozy. Isn't it nice that our "mistakes" can turn into a new design feature?


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