Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tour de Fibre 2013 - Finale

The Tour is over for this year, and I managed to get one project finished during the three week period of watching TV and sewing. It is the Peek-a-Boo Street quilt.
Let's walk around this neighbourhood but maybe we can take a cup of coffee with cake in the café first? There is a café in both corners of this first street, and between them a fabric store and a shop that sells both sewing notions and silks for fly-tyers.
Around the corner is something for babies in two shops, yet another café (!), and a yarn shop.

The Lavender Shop sells herbs and spices, the next one is a music shop. The shop with the yellow roof is specialised in mushrooms, wild berries and such. I had to think hard to find a suitable product for the shop with my sun-dyed leaf fabric before I had an excelent idea: In Finnish we can use the same word, lehti, for a leaf and a newspaper or magazine, so this is a newsstand.

Along the last street runs a little brook. There is a plant nursery (because they have a very big backyard up here), the first house for flowering plants and the second for trees. Next is a place where you can buy treasure maps and all kinds of equipment you might need for adventures, and the last one is a fishing gear shop. Test fishing is possible in the brook.

Thank you, Stephanie for the pattern! This quilt will go to the nursing home where Mr. K's father spent his last years. It will keep someone warm when they go out in wheelchairs, or whenever their old bones feel like they need to be kept warm. This quilt is also for my Cratft Olympics, my second thimble for the New projects category.
Scandinavian Snowball Fun is now my main project:
And this is the secret project I started and finished during the Tour, now arrived and taken into use. It is my version of Kaffee-Momente stitcheries by Diana.
To celebrate the end of the100th Tour de France I baked a cake and had an Oops experience:
With a fairly liquid inside the cake collapsed, but the taste was still nice. Next time I'll need to bake longer and test more than one spot!

The July stitcheries of Happy Scrappy Spring are also finished and I'm putting the row together between other projects.


  1. Funny store Ulla and I loved the tour around the little city of quilt !
    Wonderful quilt ;-)
    You are busy I can see that , I am busy enjoying the sun and summer weather ....

  2. Wonderful! I love knowing what specialty shops are in your neighborhood. Sewing notions AND silks for fisherman -- perfect combination of hobbies. Your quilt makes me smile and I know it'll make the residents very happy and warm.

    You're getting much accomplished. The little stitchery mats pretty. Glad the cake is tasty. Usually my Oops baking experiences end up in the trash.

  3. I do like your bundt cake pan. The bottom looks interesting. I'm glad the cake is tasty. Your projects are all lovely and it really does seem as if T. de F. was a great idea for many stitchers to get a lot done.
    Will you be keeping it up - the pace of sewing, I mean.

  4. I just love your village, Ulla! I would be proud to live there - something for both Mr. Squash and I and all our wonderful neighbors. Giving it to the nursing home will surely bring a smile to any resident lucky enough to visit the village! The Tour was very productive for you! You can just say there was a mini earthquake while your cake was baking ;>)...it's the flavor that counts!

  5. Lovely story and very nice work, Ulla.

  6. Wonderful peek-a-boo quilt :) every house is special. I hope it he resident will treasure it.

  7. Beautiful and imaginative work Ulla. The quilt looks like so much fun. I hope whoever uses it thinks of the shops of their youth and happy times.

    I bet the cake tasted delicious! Appearances aren't everything. :-)


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