Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tour de Fibre 3 - The village is up

My Peek-a-Boo Street has the centre built and all houses are standing the right way. I must learn to keep all my seam allowances the same width! I had to make the yard of the last house along the moss green sidewalk a little bigger because the houses came out a bit narrow. Triple borders and corners with yo-yo's and flower applique will be next on this list.

My summer flowers start to fill the empty spaces in their box and grow nicely. Today was a fresh day after last night's thunder and rain.


  1. I think your neighborhood will have lots of hustle and bustle with all the lovely, colorful houses, Ulla! It looks as though summer is in full swing in your garden, too! Who is your favorite to win in the Tour de France?

  2. You get a lot accomplished during the Tour de France. I would enjoy walking along the sidewalks from house to house and shop to shop. What a nice shock of color in your flower beds.

  3. But that's ok about the houses and their garden beds as houses and yards all come in different sizes, and so can quilt houses. It's more interesting that way. Love it and look forward to seeing it when the gardens are complete - not that a garden is ever complete...


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