Thursday, 22 August 2013

Happy Scrappy Last Row

Here it is, the last row of the Happy Scrappy Spring quilt:

Before joining the rows I will add some wool applique on the blocks. How exciting, I haven't really done that before, just a little wool candle mat some years ago. This quilt has five rows with stitcheries, and pieced sashings and borders.

A couple of days ago Mr. K. called me out with my camera. There was the biggest caterpillar we have ever seen:

It was moving really fast, climbing up the concrete border of our paved area ...

... having difficulties to decide which side to go to.

I found a name for this caterpillar too, Cossus cossus, and the Finnish name means tree destroyer. It just made me think of a fun children's book about the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I used to read it to the children when I was au pairing as a student, and then later to my own children. Books with holes are such fun.


  1. I'm sure it's a good feeling to see the end of another project so close. I wonder how many other caterpillars there are around that size. Ugly and creepy are the only words I can come up with.

  2. I love a good finish and can't wait to see this one, Ulla! Wow - I've never seen a caterpillar so big and red! Seems as a child we had a caterpillar book as well, but my memory of the name is fleeting!

  3. Wonder what kind of butterfly will come from your caterpillar.

  4. What an interesting looking caterpillar...the name of it sounds a bit ominous though...hope it hasn't been destroying your trees :-)That's a lovely last row for your quilt!

  5. You're getting so much accomplished this Summer. Congratulations. Did you know there is Very Hungry Catepillar fabric? I love that book and not only read it to my own children but before I had my own kids I was a pre-school teacher and read it dozens of times. One of my first children's books I bought as an adult was Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

  6. Love your work and that is a big one on your concrete! Hugs, Marie

  7. It is a good feeling to get projects done and yours are always so fine and beautiful, Ulla. Both of my sons loved the book so when I saw the fabrics with these motifs I knew I had to buy them - it's quite early, but thinking would be lovely to make little quilts for my grandchildren one day in the future ;-))


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