Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Pink Ribbon Socks

In the evenings I like to knit or crochet when we sit and watch TV or just the fire, or Mr K might read a book. I can't read and knit at the same time, so I just knit.
The Pink Ribbon campaign has spread from mere ribbons to various products. Years ago I bought a set of Fiskars scissors in pink instead of the usual orange. This year, you could buy cleaning products, chocolate, plastic shopping bags or a limited selection of Finnish wool yarns dyed in shades of pink a red, and a pattern booklet with 19 amazing sock patterns. Each skein of wool brings 0.80 € to the campaign.

I have not knitted this kind of patterns before, so I made the socks simpler, with just the one row of roses at the top. Here on the Finnish Craft Organisation's website you can see the patterns they designed for the campaign. Their other pages are in English too, but this one is just in Finnish.
The pattern was very challenging for a beginner like me, with up to 10 stitches in one colour before the other colour was used again. Don't look for differences between the two socks, there are many!


  1. Not only are they gorgeous but you helped support a cause. I can't believe you consider yourself a beginner to tackle roses. Your yard looks like ours...a blanket of snow.

  2. They are more challenging than I am comfortable trying. Lovely socks.

  3. Lovely socks! Keep on knitting, Ulla. You are bringing inspiration to us all.
    (Your husband could read to you... we did that while we were on the road... I'd read and he drove. Kept him awake and me entertained.)

  4. I admire your skill at sock knitting. My tension is too loose for successful socks even if I use smaller needles.
    Your roses are wonderful. I can't even imagine that type of knitting in the round. Well done!!!!

  5. Beautiful knitting, Ulla - very professional looking! Plus you support a very good cause!


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