Monday, 16 December 2013

Winter birds

This year we started feeding the bird early, in October. Blue tit and great titmouse.
We had lots of birds coming, but now they seem to have found other places where to feed. These are European greenfinches.

Maybe they don't like the sunflower seeds they need to peel and only find a tiny skinny little seed inside. This little mountain of peels started growing sunflower sprouts with little green leaves and all at the end of November. The Autumn and beginning of Winter have been unusually warm and snowless in this part of the country.

A bullfinch couple has arrived; they are hiding in the forest for the snowless part of the year.


  1. Beautiful photos of the birds, Ulla! We finally had to get the kind of seed that doesn't sprout as I seemed to be growing a bumper crop of bird seeds!

  2. I always enjoy seeing your birds, Ulla. They are so different from ours. Love the subtle colors.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. You are taking great photos of the birds.


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