Sunday 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

Tiny Easter chicks

Even tinier bunnies

Tete-à-tete daffodils

First Brambling of the year. We usually see one or two in the Winter months, and in the Spring they come with common chaffinches.

Allergics, stop looking! Pussy willows:

Birches full of pollen this morning.
Yesterday was warm up to 16C/60F and it was all the nature was waiting for. It feels like Spring is really here!


  1. Happy Easter to you too Ulla! You have lots of Spring things happening in your neck of the woods. :o) Same here. It's wonderful. I just love your quilt.

  2. Kevät on tullut sen näkee kuvistasi, täälläkin on tänään ollut lämmin päivä, ei ihan noi lämmintä:)
    Kaunis peitto!

  3. Happy Easter, Ulla! I can only imagine how nice it is to see the sun shining, the birds returning an daffodils blooming...just too bad you have to keep the hankies close at hand ;>)

  4. Happy Easter a day late Ulla. Glad you are getting some nice spring time temps. Hugs!!

  5. Happy Spring! I am so excited for you. The colours of Spring are beautiful. I think I would've/ have been mistaking Bramblings for a type of Chaffinch. I have seen blue tits checking out our nest boxes. I hope some find them acceptable this year.

    Beautiful quilt! Hugs.


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