Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Silver Darlings

You'd never guess what I have been sewing this week. I needed this self-painted polka dot polyester satin.

I used the shiniest silver lame I could find at the local fabric shop with my sister P. My mother's fabric saving pattern placement advice came in handy:

They are herrings, nick-named silver darlings in Scotland and Ireland, and my niece needed them for her stall instead of a bunting. She is Ireland's only herring pickler, and her company's name is Silver Darlings. Look here: @silverdarlings1.

I copied her logo herring, enlarged it, did my sewing tricks, Mr K. made a 16 mm punching tool for the eye fabric (and cut the eyes for me),

and now the 14 jolly herrings are on their way to Ireland. My niece Kirsti has her stall in Limerick's Milk Market every Saturday, and she will take part in a special event in May. Imagine a tall young pretty Finnish blonde with her pickled herring jars, and these silver darlings dancing above her head at the stall. They must put a smile on everyone's face, and people will come and taste some of her almost exotic Nordic style pickled herrings and buy a jar to take home.

This year the Winter was almost non-existent, and so the season between snow and green grass seems endlessly long. This coltsfoot is the first wild spring flower, photographed in our yard yesterday.

Ages ago our crocuses were showing, and now they are showing half an inch more, but they are not green yet, or showing buds.

The tulips I planted last year are about two inches tall. This morning we had -4C/27F, but it will be a sunny day and get a bit warmer.

What has been the strangest thing you have sewn?


  1. I really can't remember what I have sewn that would fit the category. I'm sending this post link to Ayla who is headed to Ireland in a month or two. I have some pickled herring in the fridge (I'm the only one that eats it) but it's from the grocery store. There aren't any Scandinavian shops near me.

  2. I do love your herrings - clever you. It sounds like it was quite the family project.

  3. You are a lady of many talents. I think the silver herrings are clever and awesome. Perhaps your nieces' unique look and product will have people standing in line for her pickled herring. Oh and of course the clever decor of her stall.

    Offhand I can't think of anything particularly strange that I've sewn. Stay warm. We're having the same temperatures.

  4. I think your herrings are great, there is nothing weired I have ever sewn that comes close to that. You are the winner.

  5. Happy Easter to you !
    Love your new herrings, good work !
    Yes may spring come soon :-)

  6. Your wonderful herring will surely bring some "bling" to your nieces booth - what fun, Ulla! I looked at your nieces website - she is a very talented woman! I racked my memories for something strange that I might have sewn, but unless you call a doggie coat strange, I come up with a blank!

  7. I love your herrings - they are fantastic and they will look so cool over your nieces booth. I don't think I've ever had silver darlings - I must try them sometime. Glad you are seeing signs of spring, it's always so nice after a long winter!! Hugs.

  8. Your silver darlings are wonderful!
    My strangest sewing project must have been the carrots I made a few years back. I made them for the grandkids for Easter... filled with candy and Easter grass.


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