Thursday 10 April 2014

Strings in the wind

Earlier this year Stephanie of Loft Creations challenged her readers to use up their strings and make string block projects without a deadline or any other rules. Finally I have started my own new quilt, using the free String-X pattern from Quiltville. As it was a sunny day, I arranged my 15 first blocks outdoors on the terrace floor. I snapped this photo and was just going to turn the last block the other way...
...when the wind came and scattered all my blocks around! I have my strings assorted according to colour in 6 boxes, and tomorrow I'm going to add one or two colours to my sewing table and maybe put the blue box aside for a while.

At last I got a picture of my favourite little friend, the robin. They come to eat at the bird feeder now that we have peeled sunflower seeds there. Their tiny beaks are not meant for hard food, and as insects are still hiding from the cold(ish) weather, the seeds will do them good. Our feeder is like a building site canteen for most of our little birds who are busy trying to find a place and building their nest and charming their partner. Fast food is a time-saving option!

The swans are back too, I saw them from the school window last week when I was having my last Tunisian crochet class and they were having an evening flight to the pond by the school. I will share my crochet project when it's finished.


  1. Oh I like it very much. Windy here too! Perhaps you and I are the only one who are making string projects with no strings attached! :o) Our robins are huge compared to your petite one. I wonder if there is a difference in species/location.

  2. Those string blocks look very effective, Ulla! What a sweet little bird that robin is :-)

  3. I look forward to seeing more of your new quilt. For some reason we have had a lot of wind here lately but today's high of 19C made the wind feel nice. I'm glad your little bird friends have a place to get fast food.

  4. Kaunista tulossa, kivan näköinen blokki!
    Ihana pikkulintu.

  5. Nice blocks. I like that they are almost monochromatic... maybe you should just keep making blue ones with a spark of other colors so these will match up.
    Love the robin. Ours is big, brownish black and the breast is a deep saturated orange on the male, female is just a bit drabber.

  6. Nice strings on Mr. K's deck. Spring seems to be the season for wind all over the world.
    Australian robins are also small. You are so kind to put out special feed.

  7. Cute strings, Ulla! I guess Mr. Wind was having some fun with you (wink). Robin is also my favorite bird. When I was a child one flew down and landed on my shoulder in the play yard of the church. The nuns all though I was pretty special - so did I!

  8. Robins are my favorite birds. I am always happy and surprised to see one. In the Netherlands we call them: roodborstje - little read breast.


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