Wednesday 23 January 2008

Finished at last

This is what my little rug looked like when I finished sewing. And this is what it turned into in the washing machine

The stripes have vanished. I have made other rugs with big plaids on the topmost layer and they look very nice, the pattern becomes a little blurred and beautiful.

I finished the quilted shopping bag as well. Using thick quilting thread caused problems, I had to pick up the top edge because of loops on the reverse. It reminded me of my unfortunate 4th grade apron sewing at school. The school's sewing machines were old fashioned, non-electric monsters which you had to treadle. I still have absolutely no sense of rythm, and that machine was quite impossible for me to use. I treadled and cried and picked up and treadled and so on. I was about 9 years old and had been happily sewing doll's clothes at home with my mother's beautiful green electric Elna for ages. Today I didn't cry, I'm used to picking up already. The loops just looked the same.

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