Monday, 21 January 2008

Little progress report

Today I finished sewing and cutting my chenille piece. Next I shall bind the edges and it will be ready for the final touch by my washing machine.

Today's picture is another Unicef doll custom made for my sister. This one is called Harri and his shirt is made of my son's old T-shirt and the trousers are a leftover piece of his anorak. The rag dolls are about 45 cm tall, just fine for small children to carry and hold. The idea is to make useful items at low cost, because the person who makes the doll will not be paid anything. The whole adoption fee goes to Unicef. The maker will receive from the buyer the postcard attached to the doll, so she or he will know where the doll has found a home. Usually the dolls are sold to strangers in Unicef campaigns or other occasions.


  1. Congratulations on your new blogging adventure!
    I had never heard of the unicef dolls before and I love the idea. Best wishes!

  2. Thank you, Shannah!
    I googled Unicef and doll and found out that this Adopt a doll and save a child campaign has started in Italy and is working also in France and Czech Republic as well as in Finland.

  3. I love the dolls. They have such personality.

  4. The personality is one of the fun parts of making the doll: you can give your doll a short history, personal qualities and talents of your own choice and state them on the ID card you write.


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