Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Last night it started to snow, and finally it looks wintery again. I took some pictures outside, and my fingers got real stiff and cold. The weather is really a question of proper dressing, and if I had worn gloves, there wouldn't have been any problem. But most people are like that, they like to complain rather than change their own behavior.

Because my project is not yet ready, I will show you one I finished over six years ago. This little quilt is a birthday present for my younger son. This pattern was on the cover of Rosemary Wilkinson's "The Quilter's handbook" and I immediately knew I wanted to try it. All top materials are recycled or leftover pieces. My favourite is the dark blue of some of the houses, it was my husband's shirt he used to wear for work in summer. Finally it was showing the white interlining of the collar so I could put my hands and scissors on it (and my roll cutter).

The tile coloured material I dyed myself with Dylon for this project, for some of the roofs and for the binding.

It was a little windy outside so the quilt refused to hang still. The edge is really straight and not curvy. When I put the quilt back on the bed I saw some stains, but if I don't tell where to look, you may not notice them. I will wash it someday.

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