Monday, 28 January 2008

Friendship Star

The winter is slowly coming, we had -9 degrees this morning and there have been a few sunny, cold days already. On Friday I was lucky enough to take some photos outside. This quilt is a Friendship Star pattern from the Popular Patchwork magazine 2004. Once again, I have used as many old materials as possible and only bought the plaid for the binding and the backing material. The idea started with the many light blue men's shirts I had from my husband and my father-in-law. I also had received a light blue floral print to make a nightgown I had not used because I prefer jersey nightgowns.

The squares between the stars are mainly leftover pieces from my other projects. I wanted to make this quilt the normal size 150 x 200 cm, but because of the thick wadding it is only 142 x 192 cm. I thought this would look nice with my oldfashioned lace sheets in my old iron bed. The only problem is that the bed is from the time before standards and it seems impossible to get a mattress short and wide enough. Of course there are other beds, and we even have a blue room. Maybe I make another blue quilt for the other bed there.

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