Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Autumnal award

A couple of days ago Melanie gave me this award:

Thank you, Melanie! - I didn't get any rules to go with the award so I decided to give it to the following five blogs, in alphabetical order:

Antika Nöjen - Ewa-Christine who has antique and vintage textiles in her art

Eileen's Attic - Eileen my quilting friend with a love for vintage

Paperiaarre - Kaija my dear daughter

Shabby Chicken - Drewzel another Brownie with merit badges

Spirit Cloth - Jude who takes her readers to an amazing journey in textile art

Go and visit these blogs, they may be something quite different from your usual reads!

I have been exchanging emails with Melanie about mushrooms and their non-latin names, and I have told her how most mushrooms have their Finnish name. Here are some examples from our recent menus. I even found an English name for these, they are chanterelles (in Finnish kantarelli or keltavahvero):

And on Sunday we had these cousins of chanterelles, suppilovahvero:

The yellow ones grow at the time when, and in places where there are lots of yellow birch leaves on the ground. The funnel shaped brown ones are just beginning their season and can be picked when there is already frost on the ground and all leaves have turned brown. Masters of hiding, both of them!

This is something I tried a couple of years ago when I had my shoulder operated and couldn't do "anything" being one-handed for many weeks:

I took a one-afternoon course in sun-dyeing. I have not used these fabrics because I had no real plan when I put the leaves on the fabric so the different motifs can not easily be cut for use without distroying others.

I thought of giving it another try this summer, but it seems the summer days somehow disappeared and were spent on other projects.

This is one of them, the stranger quilt. I have been working on it again and I thought it was like one of the modern factory-made jigsaw puzzles you can put together "wrong" because the same shapes are repeated. You can put a sky piece on the wall or a flowerbed piece in the sky if you want to. This jigsaw puzzle came with no picture of the completed work, and so I had to guess which parts, or strips of patches, were meant to go together.

The rows are straight in one direction only, because all pieces were not the same size. No chance for my usual, boring stitch in the ditch here! At the moment I'm already sewing the binding, there will be more photos in my nex post. I used this great tutorial for the binding.


  1. Hej Ulla
    Så glad och rörd jag blir, så gullig du är som tänker på mig och min blogg. Jag uppskattade detta verkligen och du är ju duktig på att få utmärkelser. Vet du jag kan inte ta hem dessa för jag vet inte hur man gör...........men jag blir glad och stolt helt klart.

  2. That whole mushroom topic is SO interesting! I wish I could read all the exchanges about it between you and Melanie.. I bet it would be like taking a class!

    And the fabric dyeing.. I would like to see sometime how you do that! Do you think next summer you could find time for it again? We won't do a challenge!

    Thank you so much for the badge. You're right.. I didn't have that one.. :-)

  3. Delicious looking mushrooms Ulla.

    Beautiful leaves -how did you do it? So artistic. I'd love to recreate that feeling you get when you look up through the foliage at the sky.

    Lovely quilt. Do you have a person in mind for it?

  4. thank you so much for the mention and the new links too!

  5. Ulla,
    I enjoyed your tutorial on binding. I must say my daughter does a better job than I do on binding her quilts.
    I also enjoyed learning more about mushrooms & the leaves were so real and beautiful! I am facinated with the fabric dyeing. Thanks for allowing me to visit with you once more. I hope your knee is doing better and the weather is being kind to it. I too have had knee surgery and I feel the weather changes in that knee.
    I really love the new quilt! I am looking forward to seeing the finished result.
    Enjoy your day!


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