Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Morning dew

Yesterday I enjoyed the beautiful weather on my walk and took a new path across the rocks. After two minutes I didn't know where I was but I wasn't lost because I could hear the traffic from the big road. I had only been in this part of the forest 27 years ago when I was skiing. It looks quite different in winter and with a ski track to show you where to go.

The sun was just reaching over the treetops.

There was a footpath across the rocks.

The morning dew had made the lichen soft and strong in its white colour.

This little spruce had already grown beard moss. It is the darker soft spot near the trunk about half way down. The branches are grey with lichen.

The cobwebs were covered with dew.

This was a surprise. I never knew there was a pond in the forest. In fact there were two of them.

The walk took me a lot further than I thought, but it was an hour well spent. On my way back along the road I once again found donations from my anonymous sponsors: there are often empty bottles or cans lying by the road, and I take them to the grocery shop for the 0.15 to 0.40 euro refund. I also pick up some litter when it disturbs me enough. This giant size cheese snack bag did.

There is a local movement against littering. It is called "Roska päivässä" or Litter Movement and they challenge everyone to pick even one litter every day and take it to the trash can. And naturally stop littering. They recently had a campaign giving portable ashtrays to smokers. They were plastic film pots (?), decorated with a sticker of the recipient's choice. Feel free to copy the idea!
Many of you may have noticed Finland in the news yesterday. If you feel like discussing it with me, I would prefer private emails. The tragedy didn't involve any persons I know, and my family and friends are safe. My sympathy is with the families and friends of the victims.


  1. Your photos of your morning walks are quite beautiful. It is almost like being there to see them.

    Fortunately, littering is no longer a problem around here but it has taken about 20 years for anti-littering campaigns to work.

    We now have a different problem: plastic grocery bags that fly up into trees and stay there and that sea life is swallowing whole.
    Nature is so lovely and it is always sad to see litter.

    It is very beautiful where you live!

  2. Ulla.. your walk was magical!

    Once in a while I have to pick up a paper cup in the front yard because the kids drop them there. We live inbetween a fast food resturant and the school.. so the kids walk down there for lunch a lot of times. But littering here has penalties.. and you don't see it like you used to. I'm sure there are some places though where you would maybe still find beer cans along the highway.

  3. What a beautiful walk Ulla! Aren't there so many fabulous spiders at the moment. I went snap happy with my camera but didn't blog them. I loved your pic showing so many webs.

    Yes we come across litter on our walks too. Some looked as if it had been thrown from a car at a bin but missed and they couldn't be bothered to pick it up.

    I cut through any plastic ring things that beer 6 packs are held together with and wild creatures can get harmed by them. It's yet another pet hate of mine. Well done for clearing up.


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