Friday, 5 September 2008

Walking for my own health and others'

I think I am an autumn person. I like autumn clothes best, warm polo shirts and tweed jackets and trousers and reasonable shoes. I feel ready to start new things. I like apples and mushrooms and cabbage. I like the cooler weather when I can dress in warm clothes; I don't mind rain if I can wear decent rain clothing and rubber boots.

This autumn energy has made me a serious walker again. I have bought sporty walking shoes:

As you notice further down on the right, I have earned new merit badges as a Brown Owls Faraway brownie. For the walking badge I have walked for exercise last week every day from Monday to Friday, and this week every day exept on Thursday. My usual walk is half an hour: I walk 15 minutes away from home, turn, and walk back. Today I walked a fair bit further than on the first day. This is a cell phone link mast up on the hill.

There is a warning: beware of ice falling from the mast! With this morning's 13 degrees C there was no real danger.

Further away on my long and straight walking route is another warning, here I have already turned homewards. This sign tells me to look out for skiers! The ski path crosses the road here.

For these poisonous beauties there is no sign, but every child learns not to touch the red toadstools with white spots.

The nex picture is to show you that the forest has beautiful spots as well. This is uphill from our house, I just took a few steps from the road to make this picture.

The last picture was not from today, but I took many pictures on my way. Therefore my walk took a little more time, as you can see in my pulse meter. I love it when the meter gives me little + signs for each 15 minutes my heart rate has been within the recommended limits! Today I had two, as you can see at the top of the little screen. I got this meter for my birthday from DH several years ago, to keep me walking. This autumn I have decided to use my walks for the Pink Ribbon campaign in October. I will pay 1.5 euro for each walk for the campaign. So far I am my own sponsor and this is a one woman campaign here. Merete is my example, she does it in Norway.


  1. Ulla,
    It is so gorgeous where you live!
    I live the mountains, woods and to be there daily must be soothing to your soul.

    Good luck on your walks and don't over do it with your knee.

  2. Autumn is realy one of my favorite season of the year, too. The surroundings where you live are very nice for walking, the toadstools are cute! I wish you luck in your campain!

  3. it is still very hot & muggy here. but the autumn energy you speak of can put lazy feet in motion. it's my favorite time of the year. i like your good-for-me/good-for-someone-else attitude.

  4. Congratulations on your new walking badge! Your sidebar is looking so good. I noticed too that you changed the color of your font for autumn. :-) I might copycat you.. it looks so good.

    As Karen said, it is still hot here. It was 87F yesterday, and
    71F when I woke up this morning. I don't know what that equals for you, but it means w-a-r-m.
    That is a great watch/timer!

  5. Hi Ulla I do like your woods! :-) The toadstools are so beautiful but like you said a tad deadly. Can you smell the pine smell still or are you so used to it as you live so close?

    Well done for walking for a good cause. It must really help keep you motivated on bad days.

  6. I hope you enjoy a little sample of Autumn here in the UK.

    I have a little something for you on my blog.
    In Appreciation,


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