Saturday, 6 September 2008

Market day

Today we went to Järvenpää, our neighbour town to see a harvest festival for farmers and producers like crafty people. I was there last year with my daughter Kaija, but we only stayed for one day because of the cold and rainy weather. Kaija's books can not be exhibited in a tent in such weather. I sold a couple of bags but didn't like enough to give it another try. This year she couldn't come because she is working. Instead, we went there as tourists and I took a lot of pictures because the weather was excellent. First there was a flower show by one of the local florists.

Kukka = flower, kaali = cabbage (kukkakaali = cauliflower)

This table was filled with berries, grapes and vegetables:

And then there were various flower arrangements you could vote for:

Some of the sellers were young but most were a little older. This lady had made beautiful decorations of straw (I think it is rye straw).

And she had knitted wool socks for small and bigger feet:

Then there was a mushroom exhibition. The lady showed delicious, edible and poisonous mushrooms and gave advice how to use them. Many poisonous mushrooms can be used for dyeing wool.

And of course there was some harvest from the field as well.

To make the event more interesting for men as well there were some old tractors, Fordson and Fergusson. The newest looking was from 1956, this little grey one is probably much older. They look so tiny compared to the shiny modern giants now running in the fields. In the backgound there are old milk cans of 25 litres or even bigger, formerly used to take the milk from the farm to the dairy. They are replaced by tanks now.

Lots of pictures, little text. Have a nice weekend!


  1. I so enjoyed clicking each picture and seeing the details. What a wonderful day! I especially liked those straw flowers. Felt like i was walking with you.

  2. Thank you for sharing your culture with us. I loved every picture!

  3. Wow--these photos are great! I especailly love the floral arrangements. Everything is so lovely. I feel like I was there becuase of your photos. Thank you your sharing these photos and being such a good reporter.


  4. Hia Ulla, what a wonderful amount of creativity! Back in Oxfordshire there is a poisonous mushroom whose stem turns a black blue after being picked. I wonder if that could be used for dyeing?

    Thanks for taking me along.

  5. Wow I would loved to be there with you, thanks for sharing..

  6. those berries look divine! My younger brother ate a poisonous mushroom when he was two and had to have a stomach washout... dangerous things!

  7. The flower's arrangement are very original, the ideas are great! And the colours from the berries and vegetables look so good! I think you had a wonderful day!


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