Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Taking it easy

Last Friday I had to admit that I am more like a cow than a goat when it comes to walking on steep rock paths like the ones I took last Tuesday and posted under Morning dew. I had to go and see a doctor and show him my aching, swollen, hurting knee. He gave me some pills which seem to help a little, and told me to take it easy for a week. "Only the obligatory walking, and ice packs 4 times a day on the knee." So there will be no walks this week. Yesterday, when I was in town, I didn't walk to the fabric shop, not even to look at fabrics. Instead, I enjoyed the florist's shop in the shopping centre where I have my latte or tea. When I sit in the cafe, I can see all this:

And this:

It was easy to spend an hour there, with my notebook and tea and a piece of cake. Yes, you see, when I can not get Brownie points for my walking badge this week, I can at least see to it that I have earned my tea drinking badge and cake eating badge. Every cloud can have a silver lining!

Last night we had frost again. It has been windy and the leaves are falling from the trees. After a frost it only takes a little breeze and the leaves start falling on the ground. This is a picture I took this morning in our yard. I tried to catch a titmouse in the picture, but even without it I like the pattern of the branches.

The Bergenia leaves are turning red. They roll up like this when it is cold and open again when the air is warmer. The grass looks grey because of the frost.

I have been able to finish two of my Stitchers' Angel Swap projects, and I'm going to send them to my partner tomorrow. This is the mini tote Blue Wren's Nest designed by Natalie from Cinderberry Stitches.

And this very big pincushion is designed by Karen of Cotton Spice Blog.

There will be space for all kinds on pins and needles!
I am still working on the stitching of May Britt's angel stitchery for my own bag. The Stitchers' Angels patterns are all free to be downloaded for your own use, even if you are not participating in the swap. I have enjoyed this new kind of handicraft and I think I will keep making stitcheries even after the swap. But at the moment I'm feeling the need to start a new quilt, even a little one. And I really ought to start working on my Unicef dolls if I am going to get them ready for the auction in November.


  1. Ulla, you are always thinking. :-)

    Hope the swelling goes down soon. Gorgeous fall displays from the cafe window!

  2. Morning Ulla! Yes that was a lovely view to drink by. I hope the knee recovers well. If your weather is like ours today- rain and more rain, you're better off crafting inside in the warm.
    What a lovely bag! I too keep thinking of the lots of little bits I want to do as soon as I've finished what I'm on.

  3. Hi Ulla, I hope your knees are getting better. Just take you time now, the pretty view was sure a pleasure! The bag looks so beautiful! Your swap partner will love it, I know I would!

  4. Seeing your pictures makes me want to sit and have cake with you. I love your photography and discriptions. Hope the knees are better soon.

  5. Hi Ulla! I like the idea of awarding yourself a tea-drinking and cake-eating badge — especially if you can get your flower-gazing badge at the same time!
    I do hope your knee gets better quickly.

  6. Hope your knee will be better soon


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