Monday, 27 October 2008

Back again - Travel report 1

On Saturday I came back from my trip to Germany. We spent a lovely time with my sister Maija and at the Euroblech 2008 fair in Hannover. This is the first part of my travel report, and it will be little text and lots of pictures, as my daughter Kaija is at the moment visiting us and I shouldn't spend too much time by the computer. I'll need to catch up all my reading later!

You may remember Maija from our Summer Stash Challenge. She didn't quite finish her quilt by the end of August, but I hope she will be inspired by the little progress we made at the quilt. This picture shows us basting her quilt layers for stitching, Maija on the left and I'm busy with basting on the right. I also cut her binding ready.

Maija lives in a small town near Hannover, and here are some pictures from the pedestrian area in the middle of the town.

This is Maija again, she is catching us up after having stopped for a chat with friends. She seems to know almost everyone!

The town is very old but the statue is quite new. I have lived in this town and in this street for one summer during my studies, and the town has changed a lot since then. (It was 36 years ago, maybe that is the reason!)

The shop window was decorated for autumn.

This house was from 1911.

Here the text shows the years 1810 and 1834. Notice the horse's heads on the rooftop. There are lots of these Fachwerkhaus houses, where brick walls have been built in a frame of wood.

We came back to this shopping area on Friday afternoon, but it was raining and I couldn't take any nice pictures of all the beautiful houses. Luckily the weather was fine on the days we went to the fair. It was a lot of walking! But there will be another story about the fair and the size of the exhibition halls; and vintage thingies from Maija's house on Thursday. This is all for today.


  1. It is SO good to have you home. Your vacation looks lovely. What a nice time with your sister, and her quilt is beautiful.
    I always think it is wonderful to catch a little glimpse of my blog friends when they decide to make an appearance. :-)

  2. Welcome home Ulla! I killed my computer with my cold so hubby had to re-build it for me. Thank you so much for the wonderful things you sent. I will learn what to do with the straws beyond simple weaving- promise! The cd was lovely listening too. Isn't Sibelius wonderful? Ooo the chocolate was fabulous too and the x-stitch patterns. Thanks for telling me they were german not Finnish.

    It's lovely to put a name to a face too. I treasure the things my sister has made, so I'm sure she will think fondly of you when she looks at her quilt which you helped with. :-)


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