Friday, 10 October 2008

New finish

I have seen some great studios in the blogs I read, tidy, large rooms with lots of light and organized stash. Some sewing corners have been cosy and comfortable. Some people show what they have "on my desk", and it usually is something very interesting. My "studio" is a terrible mess in the cellar of our house, my stash is midway between the old cardboard boxes and the new plastic ones, and there is no room for my new (bought in July) sewing machine. Our two older children have their own homes now, but it seems they have not moved away from our house yet: I arranged me another sewing table in our daughter's old room, but there are several cardboard boxes of her things on the floor. So this is not yet a great, organized studio corner, but I have a perfect low table for the sewing machine, and another, high table for cutting fabrics and drawing patterns. The high table is about as high as the kitchen worktop.

Because my other sewing machine and all the materials are in the cellar and this workspace is upstairs, I needed another (well, a fifth) pair of scissors to be kept by the new machine. Because I have not been able to take my walks as regularly as I planned, I decided to support the Pink Ribbon campaign by choosing this cute set (10 % of the price goes for the campaign):

The smaller pair is nail scissors but they will do fine for cutting threads. I spent some time today at the machine and finally finished this Stitchers' Angel project designed by May Britt from Norway. There are lots of pictures of the bag from other Stitching Angels. I made this one for me, as I already have sent the three other projects to my secret partner. This one is in my colours.

I added handles like many others had done, and I also made the bag bigger than the original pattern. The swap was great fun. There were 7 free patterns by different designers, and I'm planning to make some of them as Christmas presents or for myself when I have more time. I enjoyed the hand stitching, something I had not done before this year in this form. I have done some cross stitching when I was younger, but after becoming a mother I concentrated more on sewing clothes for my children. Now it seems to be time to do other things again.


  1. I love your version of the bag. This pattern has so many possibilities.

  2. Your bag is just beautiful Ulla. I love the little angel and the handquilting makes it perfect.
    Have a nice weekend..

  3. What a lovely bag Ulla. Like you I love deep reds.

    If it's any consolation, I am still camped out around the house while the floor is still being done. Daughter had a sleepover in the room last night for her 16th and it is so nearly ready for the filling between the boards.:-) I will be so happy to have a proper space. You have very beautiful tabletops- I love that rich colour.

  4. i so love your angel bag. & would love to take the time to make one. it's a sweet project.

  5. I know how you feel. My house is also a storage warehouse for my daughter long after she left home. I plan to collect all her things together and take them to her when I visit in two weeks.
    The bag is so lovely, and I LOVE your tables!

  6. I love your idea of supporting the campaign by purchasing the pink Fiskars :-)


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