Friday 31 October 2008

Walking for the Pink Ribbon

Today is the last day of October, and the Pink Ribbon campaign is ending. Merete in Norway got me into this, and the Brown Owls' Walking badge obliges to walk for my health. I have counted my walks for ten weeks now, and promised to donate 1.50 € for every 20 minutes or longer walk for the cancer reasearch through the Pink Ribbon campaign. The total count was 35 walking days, which would make 52.50 €. The online bank wanted to take 5250 € from my account for this. Because I didn't have that much, and because I didn't promise that much, I only paid 52 €. I didn't make it 53, because I had also bought the pink ribbon, and the pink scissors. And I was a little angry because I felt like they had tried to rob me.

Last night was my sewing group night again. I took some pictures there so you can see the nice classroom we have. Earlier we used the sewing class of another school, where the pupils are 7 to 12 years old. The sewing machines were good there too, but the tables and chairs were so low it was difficult for us to sit there for our three lessons.

Here is Anne, our teacher:

And this is Hanna, the woman with the magic colour pots! She is making a slash cut (chenille) carpet using old jeans and other old fabrics.

And this is my pile of rag rug baby quilt pieces and magazines.

The school kids had been making patchwork, paper-pieced potholders and other small projects.

I like these autumn colour art works.

I need some creative thinking to finish the baby quilt, because I don't have enough of the mouse pattern flannel I used for backing. Maybe it will not be a children's quilt like I intended but one baby quilt and one preemie quilt.
We will be visiting my mother tomorrow. We don't celebrate Halloween here (allthough the shops have started selling halloween decorations some years ago), but this weekend is All Saints' Day. It is the time to make a visit to the cemetery and bring some winter flowers there, like Erica or Calluna, and some people take candles to the grave of their family. We do that at Christmas only. So I'm wishing you all a nice weekend, and happy Halloween to those who celebrate it.


  1. What an awesome place to be with friends and create!
    I love my jean quilt from the summer stash challenge and I hope Hanna enjoys hers also.
    I wanted to share with you that through the summer stash quilt challenge, I became accquainted with and found a cousin. Nannette and Daughters are my second cousins.. Actually it was my daughter Natalie, from Home Sweet Hideaway, who discovered we too were from the family line. It is a small world and I want to say Thank You to you Eileen for bringing us together!:)
    Have a wonderful fall,

  2. Oh!.. I'm glad Beth posted that here too. :-)

    And I think I would truly enjoy celebrating All Saints Day. I don't think anyone celebrates that here in the States, but maybe I'm wrong.

    And it is so wonderful that you were able to walk even that much for such a good cause. Scary about the online bank though!

  3. Hej Ulla och trevlig hallowen. Såg att tidningen Quilting Arts ligger framme på bordet. Jag blev mycket glad över att min lilla quilt kom med i detta nummer, såg du mitt namn? Ganska långt bak i tidskriften.
    Hoppas att du har det bra, hälsningar Ewa-Christine

  4. Ulla, - I'm so glad you've been walking with me for the pink ribbon/ cancer support this fall. I hva to say, your walks in the forrest has been great inspiration and input to me! Please keep it up :-)
    I've found out that 52 EUR is about 450 NKr, so that means that I put your name up for 5 lottery tickets when I do the drawing for the pink ribbon walking prize. It that ok with you?

  5. Hia Ulla, sorry to hear about your bank problem. It sounds like someone forgot a decimal point. Scarey when that sort of thing happens!

    What a lovely new venue you have. I always worried on parent's evenings if we had to sit on a child's chair, would my stiff knees let me stand again. LO Can you imagine the embaressment?!

    Hope you find a solution to your quilt. The pale fabrics look so sweet.

    Yes I love the autumn art work too- the colours are beautiful.


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